VANCOUVER, August 6, 2004 ( – Homosexual activist and former NDP MP Svend Robinson pleaded guilty to theft over $5,000 in a Vancouver court Friday. In response to the judge, who asked if he would like to plead guilty, Robinson said “Yes I do, your honour.” Robinson, who has already been convicted on other crimes, was given a conditional sentence.  Thus he will receive neither jail time nor a criminal record for the theft.  He has been ordered to do 100 hours of community service.  At the hearing, several letters were read supporting Robinson, claiming him to be an outstanding citizen.  As no surprise to readers of letters supporting Robinson came from anti-life personalities including former UN ambassador Stephen Lewis and environmentalist David Suzuki.  The National Post reports that Robinson will be eligible at age 55 for his parliamentary pension, which for him amounts to $86,663 per year.  None of the coverage on the sentence mentioned the fact that Robinson has repeatedly been in trouble with the law, and has already been convicted and jailed for a criminal offence. In 1994 he spent over a week in jail after being convicted of criminal contempt of court for defying an injunction against interfering with logging on Clayoquot Sound.  Robinson has also had other arrests and fines associated with his radical environmentalist activism.  Read related coverage:  Theft over $5000 Not First Criminal Charge against Homosexual Activist Former MP Svend Robinson   tv