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Dr Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer vice president and co-founder of Doctors for COVID-19 EthicsThe Last American Vagabond / Odysee

(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Michael Yeadon has called upon his international audience to fight totalitarian tyranny and the de-population agenda. 

During the World Council for Health’s 66th assembly on Monday, November 21, 2022, Yeadon declared that “totalitarian tyranny and most likely de-population is in the minds of the evil bunch of people who are running the scam called Covid-19 pandemic.” 

“What we’re being told is definitely not true,” Yeadon stated. “And the question of any nuance is really how badly they’re lying to us.” 

The British ex-Pfizer executive suggested persuading others that “something awful is happening” as the first step to fighting this totalitarian tyranny. 

“I can only reach the people who are on this call,” Yeadon said. “Let’s say you’ve got ten people in your network. They’re not on this call. I will never reach them. They’ll never hear of me. The mainstream media will never tell them the truth. It is you people on this court. Only you can reach that last mile.” 

“So persuade others, keep your knowledge up to date, know some of the lies,” the British scientist continued. “Because I think one of the most powerful things I’ve said accidentally was ‘What is the right number of times for your public health officials and governments to lie to you about something that could cost you your life?’ Now the answer is zero.”  

Yeadon’s second step to fighting tyranny is to “refuse mandatory digital ID.” 

He stressed that “if enough of us simply refuse, cross our arms, and [say] we’re not doing that, then they will not be able to succeed, but they will make things inconvenient.” 

“So refuse mandatory digital I.D., even if it inconveniences you,” he urged.  

“If you are told, for example, we’re short of meat and eggs, and we need to introduce a rationing system,” that you could access only with a digital ID, “I strongly suggest you reject it and don’t have meat and eggs,” Yeadon stated. 

“I promise you, if you let that happen, it’ll be meat and eggs today, all food tomorrow, and everything next year.” 

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The third step, according to Yeadon, is to “refuse genetic vaccines.”  

“What I am doing is unequivocally condemning the COVID-19 genetic vaccines,” Yeadon stated. 

“I’m now not trusting of any product from this industry that has recently been approved, and that’s because I’m afraid the medicines regulators everywhere are corrupt […]” 

Yeadon’s fourth step is to refuse Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). 

He explained the difference between using a credit or debit card and a CBDC to show why they are so dangerous: 

When you pay for something using a debit card or a credit card, the merchant’s computer only asks: Is this cardholder good for the money? They don’t send all of the inventory of what you’re buying for a central computer and ask for authorization. They simply ask: “Have you got $90 or £100 for the transaction?” 

With digital currencies, however, “[t]hey are checking: Has Mike already had three sausages this week? Is he too far from his home? Has he said bad things about the government? And it can be done in real time, which is why 5G and its bandwidth and speed is required […]” 

His fifth step is to “fight the removal of cash.” 

Yeadon urged listeners to “make every transaction you possibly can” with cash “even if you sacrifice making 1% cash back on your card, which is the bribe to keep you hooked into that system.” 

Furthermore, the British scientist said that for the elites, it is not only about money and control, but that they also have an interest in reducing “the size of the human population.” 

“I think to these very old foundations in which [rich] families have worked with, you know, people who have got a vision that is to take the world in this direction of totalitarianism, transhumanism, and de-population,” Yeadon stated. 

“And gradually, over a long period of time, probably through the WEF and a few other three and four-letter acronyms, they have basically planted people, supportive people, planted them in positions in large [corporations], in governments, in academia and media […] 

When asked about the potential effects of the COVID-19 injection on fertility, Yeadon said that not all the vaccine doses contain exactly the same contents, which would explain why there is a “huge range of adverse events.” 

“I think there would have to be a risk  I can’t quantify it exactly, but it’s definitely a risk you wouldn’t want to take that you would either lose a child prematurely or you would not get pregnant at all.” 

Yeadon said that he now thinks that it is possible the COVID injections are “part of the population reduction.” 

Moreover, the British scientist said that the Covid-19 “pandemic” was planned long before it happened.  

“And I’ve got absolute evidence you can find online, for at least 25 years of planning, pandemic control measures for viral pandemics,” Yeadon stated, adding that “these things do run into climate change and alleged overpopulation.”