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(LifeSiteNews) –– Former Conservative Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has given a large endorsement to Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP) leader Danielle Smith, urging everyone to vote for her as premier for the sake of Alberta’s economy.  

“Fellow Albertans after some tough years, our province has finally recovered from the last NDP term,” said Harper in a video that was posted to Twitter on Friday. 

“Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau are a combination that puts Alberta’s economy at great risk. in this election. There’s only one option to protect the economic livelihoods of you and your family, that’s Danielle Smith, and the United Conservative Party. Thanks for listening fellow Albertans.”  

The Alberta provincial election is taking place today, in what most consider to be a two-horse race between the UCP under Danielle Smith, the province’s current premier, and the Alberta New Democratic Party (NDP), under former premier Rachel Notley. 

Harper served as Canada’s prime minister from 2006 to 2015. In his video message, he said that “Rachel Notley is promising to undo all that progress.” 

“The NDP is promising to heighten taxes on job creators by 38%. A massive hike that would kill tens of thousands of jobs.” 

“It’s no wonder that Rachel Notley doesn’t want to talk about her record as premier. Nor does Rachel Notley want to talk about the fact that the Trudeau Liberals are voting NDP in this election,” he added. 

Smith also got an endorsement from the current CPC leader Pierre Poilievre early last week.

Poilievre said in a video, which Smith posted to Twitter, that “Notley will work for Trudeau and Singh the NDP-Liberal coalition bosses in Ottawa. She’ll support higher carbon tax on your gasoline, groceries. She’ll help Trudeau attack the energy sector, putting you out of a job. And speaking of jobs, she’ll raise taxes on job creators pushing you onto the unemployment lines.” 

While many polls shows the race to be close, others have the UCP with a comfortable lead to win and form a majority government, which they currently have. 

The mainstream media coverage of the election has been heavily skewed in favor of the NDP.. 

Notley served as Alberta’s premier from 2015 to 2019, and while in power her government targeted faith-based institutions, including publicly funded Catholic and Christian schools. 

As for her current campaign, Notley has vowed that should her NDP win the election, all forms of “birth control” will be free for Albertans despite the fact it is already available for free should one ask for it. 

Smith’s campaign is focused on lower taxes, less government, and pushing back against radical federal legislation targeting Alberta’s oil and gas industry. 

She takes a pro-freedom approach to COVID, even once saying that the “unvaccinated” were the “most discriminated against” group she has seen in her lifetime, but she too takes a liberal approach to many social issues. 

As previously reported by LifeSiteNews, many of Smith’s views, including those surrounding gay “marriage” and public funding for abortion, remain at odds with traditional conservative values, a fact that has made her a target of the province’s largest pro-life organization. 

However, she did say last year she is in favor of adoption over abortion. 

As for the NDP, in 2018, David Eggen, Notley’s then-education minister, went as far as demanding that faith-based schools purge religious content from their policies. 

More recently, during the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, Notley had suggested that the province enact a door-to-door COVID vaccine campaign. She was also a vocal proponent of lockdowns as a means to control the virus.