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(LifeSiteNews) — Bret Weinstein has exposed how the corrupt relationship between Big Pharma, the media, and the political establishment resulted in billions of people receiving the dangerous COVID-19 shot.  

“Basically, every day of the year, pharma is engaged in portraying the properties they own as more useful than they are, safer than they are,” he told Tucker Carlson on his X show last week. It seeks to persuade “the medical establishment, the [academic] journals, the [professional] societies, the hospitals, the government, to direct people towards drugs they wouldn’t otherwise be taking.” 

Weinstein is a former professor of evolutionary biology at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He gained national media attention in 2017 when he criticized a woke-inspired “Day of Absence” that directed white staff and faculty to not show up for work. The event was purportedly aimed at raising awareness about racial disparities. 

A self-described “progressive, left-libertarian,” Weinstein has made dozens of appearances on the Joe Rogan podcast as well as alternative media in recent years to discuss politics, the medical industry, and various treatments for COVID-19.  

Although he has admitted in previous interviews to supporting lockdowns and the shot itself, he told Carlson that Big Pharma is an “intellectual property racket” that leverages its influence in various industries to promote its dangerous products.  

“Its profits go up to the extent that the disease is widespread, to the extent that the disease is serious, to the extent that competing drugs are unsafe or ineffective, to the extent that the government will mandate a drug, to the extent of the medical establishment will declare the standard of care,” Weinstein said. 

“And so, when COVID happened, all of this occurred at a different scale because it was bigger than anything that had ever happened before. But none of that was new to pharma, and all of it was new to us.” 

“Most of us did not realize how elaborate its bag of tricks is,” he added.  

Carlson and Weinstein also discussed the negative effects of the COVID shot. Weinstein said that the shot was misleadingly named a “vaccine” and that it has been reported to have a 1 in 800 shot rate of causing serious adverse reactions. 

“We clearly are seeing an uptick in cancers, and an uptick in cancers that are unusual, especially in their speed,” he observed. “Cancers are one of the failure modes of the body. And this highly novel technology clearly had that as a risk.” 

Weinstein also said he saw a “credible estimate” that the shot has caused nearly 17 million deaths around the world. 

“I think a lot of us, maybe call us ‘normies,’ have a hard time imagining the breathtaking evil that it would take to allow such a tragedy to unfold or to cause it to unfold for profit,” he said.  

“Once you have stepped on that slippery slope, though, once you have become comfortable with causing deaths, then I believe it becomes very easy to rationalize that the greater good is being served by X, Y, or Z,” he added. 

“They’ve got to the point that they are willing to cause a huge amount of death apparently even at the point that it’s been revealed in public, they don’t stop, which is another amazing fact,” he further explained. “You would imagine that they would have been embarrassed into stopping this vaccination program at this point.” 

In 2020, Weinstein attempted to form a bipartisan “unity” ticket to avoid a Donald Trump or Joe Biden presidency. At the time, he unsuccessfully sought to nominate former Hawaii Congresswoman and one-time Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw. He complained that news of his efforts was being censored on Twitter. Weinstein’s brother, Eric, who coined the term “intellectual dark web,” has gained notoriety as a hedge fund manager for Thiel Capital. 

Weinstein further argued that his overall “hypothesis” of what happened during COVID is that Big Pharma had a “tremendously lucrative property that it couldn’t bring to market because a safety test would have revealed [it].” Yet the one thing that “would bypass that obstacle was an emergency that caused the public to demand a remedy to allow them to go back to work, to living their lives, that would cause the government to streamline the safety testing process so that it wouldn’t spot these things.” 

“The hypothesis in question,” he continued, is that Big Pharma “used an emergency to bypass [a safety] obstacle to bring an incredibly lucrative [mRNA] technology [to market]… to sneak it by the things that were would ordinarily prevent a dangerous technology like this one from being widely deployed.” 

“We tend to imagine that pharma is hellbent on finding drugs that will make us healthy,” Weinstein ultimately argued. “That’s not what it is. In fact, pharma is healthy when people are sick.”