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(LifeSiteNews) — A former Satanic high wizard and abortionist, who is now a devout pro-life Catholic, has laid out four steps to follow to close abortion mills. The steps have already successfully closed the doors of countless death chambers for the unborn, resulting in hundreds and thousands of lives saved.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews’ John-Henry Westen, former Satanist Zachary King said that since his miraculous conversion to the Catholic faith — which was sparked by a vision of Mary in which she commanded him to help her overcome abortion — he founded All Saints Ministry to assist the pro-life cause with the spiritual means that have proved effective in combating the cultural of death.

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Insisting that abortion is rooted in the demonic and must therefore be fought with spiritual weapons, King laid out four simple steps to successfully close an abortion clinic.

  • Prayer and fasting,
  • A Eucharistic procession with the Blessed Sacrament, with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the praying of the rosary,
  • The performance of a formal Catholic exorcism, and
  • The offering of a Mass.

“I started All Saints Ministry in 2010, and that ministry has taken me all over the world,” King said. “We teach the world how to fight spiritual warfare. We also talk about pro-life and we talk about abortion is spiritual warfare.”

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Explaining his new book, Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice, King said, “We teach you that abortion is spiritual warfare. We teach you how to fight spiritual warfare. You cannot fight a spiritual battle physically. So we tell you, through spiritual warfare, how to shut down an abortion mill. And we give you places where it’s worked.”

To date, 49 abortion clinics have closed after pro-lifers followed King’s steps. Recounting one such success story, King said that his own bishop in Wichita, Kansas, carried out these steps at an abortion clinic in the city in October 2018. In December of the same year, Lesley Page, the lead abortionist at the clinic, was found attending a Traditional Christmas Midnight Latin Mass.

Greeted by King after the Mass, the abortionist, who was formerly a practicing Catholic, said she had come because she had a burning desire to attend the Latin Mass, which she had not seen in 57 years. She later quit her job as an abortionist and relocated.

“That’s the power of doing these things,” King said. “It popped that Satanic bubble for one day and made her come back to the Latin Mass … Think of what it could do if you kept doing it. You know, there’s other places where the abortion mill is shut down completely because of doing that.”

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Explaining his All Saints Ministry to heal persons involved in the occult and abortion, King said, “My experience as an ex-High Wizard Satanist turned Catholic gives me a unique understanding of how abortion fuels Satanism, how demonic attacks work, where they come from, and how to stop them. It’s a hard truth to hear, but, in every time zone, there are Satanists that offer up all the abortions of that day to Satan. This is a curse. Abortion is considered a ‘sacred Satanic religious rite.’ They’ve come out and said this. I’m currently working with a team of wonderful volunteers and priests to organize Masses to be said in every time zone, daily, worldwide, to break these curses. Please pray for us. This is a big endeavor.”

“We respond to hundreds of emails a week from those who are quite desperate to escape the bondage of the occult or the spiritual attacks they experience. Sometimes these demonic doors have been opened because of an abortion, owning a cursed object, personal activity in the occult, and/or family in the occult. We can help!”

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King’s book and CD Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice and other related resources can be found at All Saints Ministry here. To support King and his Catholic pro-life ministry that focuses on shuttering abortion mills and preventing occultic influences, visit

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