By Hilary White

MELBOURNE, Australia, April 4, 2008 ( – A former physics teacher at an all-girls school has been convicted of having a months-long sexual relationship with a student and paying for the girl to have an abortion. 55 year-old Stephen Peter Morrow was found guilty by jury verdict of nine counts of sexual penetration of a 16 or 17-year-old under his care, supervision or authority.

His victim, who has not been named and is now 25, told the jury the two met twice a week between May 1999 and December 1999 and had sex in his car after school. On some occasions they would go to a motel. The court heard that he had sexually abused the girl at least 33 times. The girl said that she has suffered from nightmares and has been unable to follow her career dreams.

She told media that her life was entirely altered by her experience and that she “often” thinks of the child killed by abortion. Morrow, who taught in a number of state and independent schools for 30 years, admitted to having paid about $320 for the abortion at a private facility. The name of the abortion facility was not mentioned in court documents.

The maximum penalty for Morrow’s crimes is as much as ten years in prison per offence. He has yet to be sentenced.

Pro-life campaigners have long noted that private abortion facilities are often used by sexual predators to cover up their crimes. Planned Parenthood in the US in particular has come under scrutiny repeatedly for failing to report cases of statutory rape. 70 percent of Planned Parenthood’s US clients are under age 25 and 27 percent are under age 19.

In only one case among many, in 2007, an Ohio teenager launched a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood affiliates in Cincinnati for failing to report to authorities that she was a victim of incest. She had told Planned Parenthood employees in 2004 at the age of 16, that she had been raped by her own father and that the sexual assaults had been occurring since 2000, when she was 12 years old.

Pro-life organisations and individuals in the US are working to expose the abortion industry’s collusion with sexual criminals and their efforts to protect child rapists from prosecution.

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