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ST. LOUIS (LifeSiteNews) — A second former football player has died suddenly in as many weeks.

Ahmaad Galloway, an eighth-grade English teacher and a running back at the University of Alabama from 1999 to 2002, was found dead at his apartment in St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday. He was 42 years old.

According to WVTM 13, officials at Compton-Drew Middle School arranged a welfare check at Galloway’s apartment after he failed to show up for class without notice. A medical examiner is currently investigating the cause of death.

“Ahmaad was always on time, very responsible, so we knew something might be wrong,” said principal Susan Reid. “There wasn’t anything disrupted at Ahmaad’s apartment, so we are thinking that it could have been a medical issue.”

Reid told TMZ that Galloway attended a student basketball game on the Saturday before his death and did not display any signs of trouble. Students have been paying tribute to their beloved teacher this week, making signs and banners while his classroom door stays shut, per WVTM.

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Following his college career with the Alabama Crimson Tide, Galloway was drafted in 2003 by the NFL’s Denver Broncos. Although he never ended up recording an official NFL stat, he did briefly play in the now-defunct NFL Europe league.

Another former professional football player died unexpectedly two weeks ago. 38-year-old Uche Nwaneri, a former guard for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was found unresponsive by his wife around 1:00 a.m. on Friday, December 30. He is suspected of having suffered a heart attack.

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Hundreds of athletes worldwide reportedly collapsed during games or backed out of competitions with apparent heart troubles in the year between March 2021 and March 2022, with that trend appearing to continue into 2023.

Speculation has risen about the role of the experimental COVID vaccines in such incidents. Although that connection has not been definitively proven, many point to these athletes’ cardiac symptoms, a known side-effect of COVID jabs (particularly in younger people), and data showing excess mortality among young and middle-aged Americans.