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Tucker Carlson interviews former US government official Catherine FittsFox News/Screenshot

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — A former official in the United States government said that the elimination of cash and the creation of a central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) could be used to control citizens. 

Catherine Fitts is a former investment banker who also worked in the Department of Housing and Urban Development as an assistant secretary under President George H.W. Bush. She recently went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain what she believes is happening. 

“One of the bedrocks of freedom” is the ability to privately transact business, Fitts noted. 

She compared trying to stop the government encroachment on financial liberties as trying to corral animals. 

“The reality as the financial system gets more controlling and more invasive … central bank digital currencies and vaccine passports or digital IDs are sort of the last shutting of the gate,” Fitts said. 

She said most Americans are “used to living with financial transaction freedom,” but they do not understand the seriousness of the situation. “When this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend our money and what we can spend money on.” 

She said the term “currencies” is misleading as well. “It’s a financial transaction control grid,” Fitts warned. Central bankers will “turn off” money if someone does not follow the rules they create. 

“If you’ve enjoyed liberty, it’s very hard to perceive this iceberg before you hit it,” Fitts said. 

CBDCs would be latest step in using technology to control citizens

Countries across the world have used digital currencies, IDs, and vaccine passports to control the movement of people. 

Major U.S. cities including Chicago and New York told citizens they were not allowed to eat a burger inside a restaurant or watch a movie in a theater unless they showed their vaccine papers. 

When Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the system, she said the purpose was to shame and marginalize individuals who made the choice not to take the abortion-tainted jabs. “To put it simply, if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up. If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax’d,” Lightfoot wrote in a tweet on December 21, 2021. “This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it is inconvenient by design.” 

President Joe Biden’s administration is currently working on a digital currency system.  

Israel currently requires digital payments instead of credit cards or cash for large purchases. Beginning in August of last year, the Middle Eastern country banned the use of cash for payments above $1,700 to businesses and for payments above $4,360 between private citizens. 

“The wide acceptance and daily use of digital currency is the quickest way for the government to implement a social credit system,” Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Leslyn Lewis warned in May 2022. 

Major financial institutions have also joined in on creating a quasi-governmental tracking of transactions that would target law-abiding Americans. 

For example, facing pressure from a union-owned bank and New York City politicians, Mastercard and Visa announced they would create a separate tracking code for gun store purchases, raising concerns about a privatized gun registry which the federal government could get its hands on. 

Be advised that we will marshal the full scope of our lawful authority to protect our citizens and consumers from unlawful attempts to undermine their constitutional rights,” 24 Republican attorneys general wrote in a letter to the financial institutions.