By John-Henry Westen

Picketers protest at St. Joseph's Hospital fundraiserKITCHENER,  ON, July 4, 2006 ( – has learned that former US President Bill Clinton is to speak at a fundraiser for the Catholic Family Counselling Centre in Kitchener Ontario.  His scheduled November 8 address will mark the second time Clinton has been employed by a Catholic institution for a fundraiser in the same diocese.

Andrew Wilding, the Director of Resource Development for the Catholic Family Counselling Centre told that while the speaking engagement has been confirmed, they have not yet secured a location for the event.  Wilding also confirmed that the Counselling Centre was founded by the Diocese of Hamilton.  When asked whether organizers gave thought to the suitability of Mr.  Clinton’s speaking at the Catholic fundraiser given his support for partial-birth abortion, Wilding replied, “I don’t know actually, I don’t think so.”

Several calls to the diocese of Hamilton were not returned by press time.

In 2001 St. Joseph’s Catholic hospital in Hamilton invited Clinton to speak at its fundraiser to the outrage of pro-life leaders in Canada and the shock and horror of their US counterparts.  Despite protests and a picket by pro-lifers the Clinton fundraiser went ahead.  (see coverage:

As the debate over Clinton’s speaking at the Catholic hospital in Canada was underway, Focus on the Family President Dr. James Dobson said, “No man has ever done more to debase the presidency or to undermine our Constitution – and particularly the moral and biblical principles upon which it is based – than has William Jefferson Clinton.” Writing in February 2001 he added, “Clinton’s hands are stained with the blood of countless innocent babies. By twice vetoing a bill that would have banned partial-birth abortion, he almost single-handedly preserved a barbaric procedure by which fully viable and un-anaesthetized infants, each fresh from the Creator’s hand and brimming with life, were murdered during the final moments of delivery.”

In 2004, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a policy document calling on Catholic institutions not to have pro-abortion politicians put on a pedestal due to the scandal it would cause.   In their document, Catholics in Political Life, the Bishops’ Conference states: “The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honour those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.  They should not be given awards, honours or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.” (see coverage:

Those warnings seem to have been ignored, at least in Canada.   In addition to the Catholic Counselling Centre Clinton event, revealed that the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada has partnered with Clinton.  (see coverage:

The pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition was on hand to picket Clinton’s various appearances in Canada and will be there again.   Mary Ellen Douglas, National Coordinator for Campaign Life Coalition told, “It’s an absolute shame that a Catholic facility would invite a man who is so unworthy of an honour.”  Douglas added, “CLC will be there to picket as we have every time he’s come.”

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