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By Patrick B. Craine and Steve Jalsevac 

TORONTO, June 24, 2009 ( – Maclean's magazine reported on June 18 that Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, previously supported by pro-family advocates, has indicated support for the homosexual movement in a congratulatory letter to Conservative strategist Jaime Watt.  Watt, who has been Flaherty's campaign chairman, is currently on the election team  of Flaherty's wife Christine Elliot and was one of the whiz kids in Ontario Premier Mike Harris's inner circle, was awarded Egale's inaugural Leadership award for homosexual rights at Egale's gala last week. reported in 2002 that Flaherty was supported by Campaign Life Coalition  (CLC) in his campaign for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. CLC National President Jim Hughes sent a recorded message to 50,000 Ontario homes urging them to join the PC Party so as to vote, and indicating that Flaherty was the only candidate who was pro-life without hesitations.

When, in the wake of CLC's announcement, he was questioned by media about his views, Flaherty defended them, stating, “You're asking me what do I believe in? I'm pro-life. I always have been. I don't anticipate ever changing that view.”

Then, when running for leadership again in 2004, Flaherty came out against same-sex “marriage,” saying it should not have been sanctioned by the province. Flaherty told the Ottawa Citizen, “My policy is that I'm in favor of the traditional definition of marriage – one man and one woman. I think it supports the family which is the foundation of our society. I'm not opposed to the use of the notwithstanding clause in limited circumstances.”

Further, as Federal Finance Minister in 2007, Flaherty was praised by pro-family advocates for the Federal Budget, which improved support to families and made the tax system fairer for them.

In spite of his past statements, however, Flaherty's congratulations to Jaime Watt appear to reveal a dramatic change in position, towards support for the homosexual movement. This, and other developments in the Conservative Party in recent years, seem to indicate that Watt and his many influential associates within the party are succeeding in making the federal Conservatives as gay friendly as they did with the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative regime. Under the Ontario Harris and later Ernie Eves PCs, the homosexual movement made dramatic, major advances with the PCs betraying their large social conservative base.

According to Maclean's, Flaherty stated, in reference to the Harris government's decision to give same-sex couples the same rights as opposite-sex couples, a decision which Watt was influential in bringing about: “Some were surprised our government took this decision … but conservatives fundamentally believe in equality and fairness. It does, however, sometimes take leaders such as Jaime to help us live up to our ideals.”

Of note also is that Flaherty's Chief of Staff, Derek Vanstone, is openly homosexual, and was present at the Egale event, according to Maclean's. Vanstone also praised Watt, calling him “a trailblazer who made it easier for people to be gay and Conservative, including myself.”

Flaherty's and the Conservative Party's support of the homosexual agenda took back pro-life leader Mary Ellen Douglas, of Campaign Life Coalition. Asked if she was surprised by Flaherty's support of Watt, she answered, “Yes, certainly. I'm surprised by the Conservative Party's support of Jaime Watt, or for Egale, or for being at the dinner, or for anything else involved. They just don't seem to understand that they alienate all of the people who are their true supporters by doing things like this.”

“Egale is the most active promoter of homosexuality in the country and they certainly are not pro-life,” she stated, “they're pro-abortion. So for someone of Mr. Flaherty's stature to be praising Jaime Watt, another known homosexual activist, is not acceptable to people who are pro-life, it's simply not acceptable. And it certainly makes it very difficult for pro-life, pro-family people to understand how someone like Mr. Flaherty could possibly do this. It's very confusing. And they really can't expect our support if they continue to do this.” called Minister Flaherty for comment but he was not available for an interview.

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