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(LifeSiteNews) – Fox Corporation is sponsoring LA Pride, which has partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers to host an LGBTQ+ Pride Night awarding blasphemous anti-Catholic drag “nuns” with a “Community Hero Award.”

On Friday, conservative commentator Mark Dice highlighted the fact that LA Pride’s website lists Fox as one of its 2023 sponsors under “Allies,” along with Target, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and other major corporations.

The Dodgers’ decision to award the “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence,” who routinely mock the Catholic faith and have blasphemed Christ, triggered a wave of outrage from prominent Catholics across the U.S., including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Navy intelligence veteran Jack Posobiec, and Bishop Robert Barron, former Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, as well as Dodgers players Blake Treinen and Clayton Kershaw.

While the Dodgers had previously canceled their decision to award the “sisters” due to outrage over the plans, they backtracked with an announcement that they apologized to the “sisters” and decided to honor them as previously planned.

The LA baseball team has affirmed on their website that they have “again teamed up with longtime community nonprofit partner LA Pride to host their annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night at Dodger Stadium,” and LA Pride has likewise announced their participation in the event.

While Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade has criticized the Dodgers’ invitation of the “blasphemous, cross-dressing, transgender group that mock nuns and Catholicism professionally,” Fox Corporation’s sponsorship of LA Pride is part of a larger pattern of the company’s pro-LGBTQ support, which goes back at least to 2020, when it celebrated Pride Month with a #TVForAll initiative.

To kick off so-called “Pride Month,” Fox News, which is owned by Fox Corporation, celebrated prominent homosexuals, including self-described “lesbian” and “Episcopal priest” Kim Jackson, who serves as a Georgia state senator.

“June is Pride Month, and to celebrate we are shining a spotlight on those in the LGBTQ+ community who work to encourage love and acceptance,” announced Ainsley Earhardt before handing it over to Fox News national correspondent Brian Llenas, who interviewed Jackson and described her as representing “a historic shift in Georgia’s politics.”

“Her life story teaches us all something about grace, leadership, and courage,” Llenas continued.

“Actually, it teaches us what kind of a network Fox News is,” Dice remarked.

Fox News has been under fire in recent months for ousting popular nightly news host Tucker Carlson, but criticism of the news outlet’s “true colors” and claim to conservatism has long preceded the move. Many current and former employees have recently cautioned that the news outlet is “no different than any other ‘woke’ American corporation,” The Western Journal reported on May 22.