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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

(WND News Center) — Even as 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls battle it out on Fox News in the first presidential primary debate Wednesday evening, the network is purportedly banning its talent from mentioning Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Donald Trump that airs at the same time.

Chadwick Moore, the biographer of Carlson, posted: “A current Fox News employee tells me everyone on Fox, including guests, are explicitly banned from mentioning tonight’s Tucker/Trump interview, even in the context of the debate.”

“All shows are banned from even acknowledging that Trump will appear on this [Tucker Carlson Twitter] show,” Moore told the Benny Show.

Carlson was booted by Fox News earlier this year despite dominating the cable-news ratings.

“Whatever happens on the show, if Trump breaks news, they can’t mention it. There’s been a policy in place since Tucker’s taken off the air that you can’t say his name on air. He’s like Voldemort [from ‘Harry Potter.’] He’s like he who shall not be named. Explicitly, everyone at Fox has been told they can’t mention this or what happens on it.”

There’s a lot of good people at Fox,” he added.

“There’s a lot of people there who consider themselves real journalists. They’re very good people, they take their work seriously, and this is most frustrating to them. They can’t report on ‘the news!’ all because of this vendetta that the network has against this former top host.”

Moore also noted: “Sources inside Fox Corp say executives at both Fox News and the parent company are ‘incandescent’ over Tucker’s Trump interview. Tucker’s inner circle tells me: it would be ‘extremely wise to leave Tucker and his longtime producing partner, Justin Wells, alone.’ Each spent more than 15 years at Fox and ‘did nothing wrong.’

“Let [Tucker and Justin] do their thing and they won’t bite. But any war will be super ugly. That’s a guarantee.”

He continued: “Sources tell me: Fox executives, like Meade Cooper (pictured below), used to call around Fox opinion shows to say ‘the bosses really don’t like when Trump is discussed. Let’s not book him.’ In fact, some shows were ‘under order’ to not book Trump.

“Now, they suddenly want him to show up for their debate. Why?”

Trump confirmed Wednesday morning that his interview with Carlson would indeed be broadcast at the same time as the Republican debate, 9 p.m. Eastern.

“Sparks will fly,” the former president assured fans on his Truth Social platform.

Just as this story was posted, Carlson released a video saying his interview with Trump would actually start at 8:55 p.m. Eastern, trumping the debate on Fox News by five minutes:

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