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(LifeSiteNews) — A Fox news host has spoken out in defense of the unborn Saturday, calling for an end to abortion in a powerful and emotional pro-life segment during Fox News Primetime.

Fox News host Ben Domenech compared compared current abortion policies in the U.S. to those of communist China and North Korea and pleaded on behalf of all unborn children for an end to America’s radical abortionist regime. Domenech’s voice broke toward the end of his broadcast as he was overcome by emotion while reading some abortion testimonies.

“We have as a nation one of the most radical abortion regimes in the world,” Domenech said. He argued that the Mississippi law, which bans abortion after 15 weeks and which many pro-abortionists describe as “extreme,” is closer to the policy in place in many European countries that ban elective abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

On the other hand, in many American states, abortion is still legal in the third trimester and even up to the point of birth. A state of affairs which Domenech compared to policies in place in communist China and North Korea, two countries he characterized as America’s “moral equals.”

Domenech went on to explain that the reason why the abortion regime in the U.S. is so radical as opposed to other western countries is that many Americans “have been willing to look the other way.” He also pointed to a “vast industry of powerful forces” working very hard to push for the abortionist agenda. An industry so powerful in fact, Domenech argued, that those who oppose or challenge it often suffer extreme backlash from the left.

He described criticizing the abortion regime as not only placing oneself “at odds with the most powerful activists’ groups” but also as “tak[ing] on the woke corporatists, Hollywood, the corrupt media, big tech and just about everybody with power in America today.”

“It’s safer to attend sacrilege in a Cathedral than abortion rallies,” Domenech argued.

The conservative commentator also accused Roe v. Wade of having “short-circuited” the legal debate on abortion and blamed the pro-abortion left for “gaslighting the country into believing things that aren’t true.”

“They pretended they wanted abortions to be rare, they claimed they didn’t profit from them, they denied they sold organs, they refused to acknowledge the science of what we know about the development of unborn babies,” said Domenech, also calling to mind the tragic impact of abortion on America’s most vulnerable families and communities, particularly the black community, a fact that the pro-abortion left purposefully refuses to see. “More black babies are aborted than born in New York City every year, and that’s fine with them.”

Domenech also established a connection between the abortionist agenda and the success of a number of left-wing politicians and Democrats in their rise to power, saying the push for abortion is often a vector of success on the left. Domenech cited former President Bill Clinton and former Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York as examples of this, and also alluded to President Joe Biden’s attacks on the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal funding for abortions except in cases of incest or rape, came under attack a number of times during Biden’s presidential campaign, as he slowly but surely shifted his position on the matter, the more so as he drew closer to the November election.

“Why do you think Joe Biden flipped on the Hyde Amendment?” asked Domenech before pointing out that Biden’s new position on abortion clashes with the his claim to the name of Catholic.

“Every Sunday, his head bowed in his church, he knows who run the left,” said Domenech, “he wanted to be president, and he was willing to make a deal to do it.”

Mainstream media was another example cited by Domenech in the list of key players within the abortionist movement in America. The news host argued that the American media have displayed “more corruption on this topic than perhaps any other” and observed that according to news channels such as ABC, NBC, or CBS, “pro-life women simply do not exist.”

In spite of all this, Domenech followed up with a message of hope.

“But now, at long last, something is happening. The energy in the pro-life movement is like nothing we’ve seen before,” he said, describing how “decades of ultrasound pictures posted on refrigerators” have contributed to change the culture on abortion, and how women encouraged by the abortion lobby to “boast about killing their children” now come across as “desperate and sad.”

Domenech mentioned the women who are “brave enough to talk about miscarriage and loss” as a way to change people’s mind on the question of abortion, hinting at his wife and former co-host of American daytime talk show The View, Meghan McCain, who testified of her own experience after she suffered a miscarriage back in 2o19.

The Fox News host also remembered children with Down Syndrome, who are often the first victims of the abortionist agenda in many countries. “When Iceland says they’ve eradicated Down Syndrome, good people cringe, because they know what that really means,” he said.

But continuing on a note of hope, Domenech mentioned the recent efforts by some states to restrict abortion, as well as the hope entertained by many pro-lifers of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court in the near future.

“There is today renewed hope among those who believe that every unborn baby has a right to life that the Supreme Court may at long last reopen this significant question for us to decide, as citizens and states,” he said.

Domenech became emotional toward the end of the broadcast when he quoted a passage from the memoir of former communist agent Whittaker Chambers who in Witness described how his wife pleaded with him not to kill her baby after she found out she was pregnant.

“What we are discussing tonight is the most fundamental question for us,” said Domenech. “Whether the unborn lives that take root here in America are unique persons with the right to draw breath and blossom, or whether they are non-persons, lives unworthy of life, ‘human weeds’ as planned parenthood founder Margaret Sanger called them, whose destruction is a ‘public good.’”