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WASHINGTON, D.C., January 22, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― A Fox News host addressing the virtual lynching of the maligned Covington Catholic High School boys described activists who harass political opponents as “domestic terrorists.”

Reflecting on student Nick Sandmann’s quiet demeanor as an activist banged a drum in his face, Laura Ingraham said yesterday on The Ingraham Angle that anti-Trump activists don’t expect resistance.

“The Left isn’t used to people standing their ground, are they? Not the way the Covington teen stood his,” she remarked.

Ingraham said she thinks many left-wing activists get a “perverse thrill” when they chase their opponents out of restaurants, show up at their homes, or physically attack them — sometimes even just for wearing clothing with messaging they don’t like.

“These people … I’m going to stop calling them activists,” Ingraham said. “They’re not activists, and they’re not simply professional rabble-rousers. They’re more like domestic terrorists.”

“Yeah, that’s how I characterize them because they’re used to operating with total immunity,” she continued, “because they usually get cover from a complicit media.”

Ingraham added that these activists sometimes even get cover from local officials “who do nothing as Trump supporters are literally taking a beating, as they did during that June 2016 campaign in San Diego for Trump.”

“These Trotskyite trolls incapable and uninterested in actually winning the war of ideas are instead at war with the First Amendment and the free expression of ideas,” she said.

The Fox host referred to the slander of the Covington Catholic kids as the “Tale of the Tape” and characterized it as “a smattering of nasty Trump resisters” setting out “to destroy the lives of a group of Kentucky high school students in D.C. for the March for Life.”

Ingraham decried the fact that a short video clip of the kids’ reaction to activist Nathan Phillips’ provocation led to them being denounced as “MAGA-hatted racists. She showed part of the original criticism of the boys by CNN’s S.E. Cupp as well as Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman, on MSNBC opining on what “Nazis” and the “KKK” look like today.

“Even Catholics like media darling Fr. James Martin jumped on the condemnation train,” she said, and read out the priest’s June 19 Tweet blasting the boys.

Ingraham noted too that the school and diocese were also quick to condemn their students. However, the host thought there was a even deeper betrayal — that of a pro-life leader.

“Perhaps most disappointing of all was when the head of the March for Life, Jeanie Mancini, rushed to virtue signal,” Ingraham said, and read out Mancini’s tweet distancing the March from the boys supposedly “reprehensible behavior.”

Ingraham noted that the release of more than an hour of footage led to both the exoneration of the boys and a certain amount of backing off on the part of Mancini and Martin. And in examining the deeply offensive remarks that members of the “Black Hebrew Israelite” sect hurled at the boys, the host noted all the boys did in response was “stand their ground.”

“Why wasn’t that the focus of the media story?” she asked, and soon provided the answer: the media treated the Covington students differently from other victims of racist abuse because they had marched for the unborn and had dared to “show up wearing red MAGA hats in D.C.”   

It was for these reasons that the media cast the boys as “a bunch of troublemakers,” she said.