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(LifeSiteNews) — Nominally right-wing cable news network Fox News has reportedly “silently backtracked” after an exclusive report by Glenn Beck’s Blaze Media reported that the outlet was offering to provide 100% matching for donations to The Satanic Temple up to $1,000 annually.

On July 21, Blaze Media reported that Fox News had listed a slew of far-left organizations and “charities” in its charitable donation matching program, according to multiple sources inside the company. 

Beck said that his producer, Rikki Ratliff-Fellman, “saw it with her own eyes via video tour from a whistleblower inside [and] spoke with three sources inside of Fox to confirm.” The outlet also obtained screenshots showing the charities listed as eligible for Fox’s program and reached out to Fox to learn why the organization would match donations to organizations “who hate Fox News and go against their audience’s values,” but Fox did not respond.

Radical groups eligible for donation matching through Fox’s program reportedly included abortion giant Planned Parenthood, the pro-transgender Trevor Project, the radical Southern Poverty Law Center, and The Satanic Temple. 

As LifeSiteNews has reported, The Satanic Temple has frequently made headlines for explicitly attempting to undercut Christianity in the public square by engaging in controversial and blasphemous activities and by openly promoting abortion and transgender ideology.

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Meanwhile, even as they reportedly offered to match donations to The Satanic Temple and other far-left organizations, Fox News seemingly refused to match donations to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, a nonprofit Christian outreach group dedicated to evangelization and disaster response. BGEA is currently run by Graham’s son, Franklin, a prominent evangelical figure in his own right. Graham’s other foundation, Samaritan’s Purse, is reportedly listed as eligible for donation matching by Fox.

In an update published Monday, Blaze Media reported that, while Fox has still not responded to questions concerning its charitable donation program, it apparently quietly scrubbed The Satanic Temple from its list of eligible charities. 

“As of Wednesday, a screenshot of the Fox giving app showed that the company will not match donations to Billy Graham’s charity, as the organization ‘doesn’t meet program guidelines,’ while another screenshot showed the Satanic Temple as an eligible charity,” Blaze Media reported.

By Monday, however, Graham’s charity had reportedly “been sent an invitation to join the program,” and The Satanic Temple was pulled from Fox’s list.

It’s unclear whether Fox has actively matched donations to The Satanic Temple or, if so, how much money it has donated. It’s also unclear whether Fox’s current eligible charities list currently includes other far-left groups like Planned Parenthood.

Fox News did not immediately respond to LifeSiteNews’ request for comment. This article will be updated if a response is provided.

Meanwhile, this is hardly the first time that Fox — widely viewed as the preeminent right-wing news outlet in America — has sparked the ire of conservatives for taking positions or even instituting policies associated with the far left.

As LifeSiteNews reported in May flagging an exclusive story by The Daily Signal, Fox’s corporate policies surrounding radical gender ideology have been just as woke as those of left-wing businesses and media organizations.

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Employees of the ostensibly Republican news organization may reportedly choose bathrooms based on their “gender identity” and get time off for mutilating transgender surgeries, according to statements from current and former employees and sections of an employee manual. 

The report also indicated that colleagues at Fox must use the name and pronouns that their gender-confused co-worker wishes. 

And it’s not just gender ideology. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fox’s Sean Hannity promoted the experimental COVID jabs, and the company itself imposed a strict jab mandate for employees without the possibility of a test-out exception.

Fox also received serious backlash from conservatives for its glowing story last year about a family that raised their daughter as a boy.

“We have to call this evil lunacy out wherever we see it,” Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh said in response to the pro-transgender segment. “Especially on our own side.”