HOLLYWOOD, Nov 17 ( – New media champion Matt Drudge has been threatened with a lawsuit by Fox News for refusing to tape his show for the network after he was not allowed to show a National Enquirer photo of a 21-week-old fetus to promote his pro-life stance. The Washington Post reports that in a letter, Fox News said “it is necessary for you to apologize to Fox News” to avoid the possibility of a “breach of contract lawsuit.” The Post also notes that network sources say his contract with the TV station is soon to be terminated. 

Drudge responded to the letter saying “I apologize to Fox News for having an open mind, I’ve been spoiled on the Internet, I really have. The lack of ability to express my opinion on an issue that’s important to me has left me believing the Internet is the future.”  Drudge intended to illustrate the humanity of unborn children by showing the amazing recent photo of an unborn child’s hand reaching out of the womb during a rare operation to correct spina bifida. Fox News President Roger Ailes supported the decision of Fox News VP John Moody who refused to show the picture, since “it was a picture of one surgical procedure and Drudge was talking about another, and we thought that was a misrepresentation.” 

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Fox Threatens Matt Drudge With Lawsuit over Walkout