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LOMBARD, Illinois, July 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Renowned Catholic priest James Altman, recently suspended by his bishop, has fulfilled his promise and donated $100,000 to the recently formed Coalition for Canceled Priests to support the process of “restoring faithful priests back to ministry.”

Fr. Altman was recently removed from his parish and had his priestly faculties suspended by Bishop William Callahan of the Diocese of La Crosse. Altman, whose viral video “You Can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat” catapulted him to fame among faithful Catholics and beyond, publicly clashed with his bishop in recent months. Bishop Callahan eventually asked him to resign, and Altman told LifeSite at the end of June that his ousting was imminent.

The priest is supporting the Coalition for Canceled Priests (CFCP), a lay-led organization which has formed after “one too many instances of persecution or betrayal.”

The CFCP’s mission is to support faithful priests who have been canceled by their bishops, while also highlighting the widespread issue of prelates “who are preaching heresy.”

Aided by the generosity of many donors who had reached out to support him, Fr. Altman had pledged to match the first $100,000 donated to the CFCP, urging people to commit to supporting faithful priests who had suffered for their defense of the faith.

Now, just one month after the group’s launch event which was attended by roughly 1,000 people, Altman made his donation to the CFCP.

“I am delighted to support CFCP in their mission to provide support and resources in restoring faithful priests back to ministry,” stated Fr. Altman. Fr. John Lovell, himself a “canceled” priest, praised Altman for his “unwavering support of canceled and warehoused priests.”

The CFCP has already been able to donate $20,000 to one such “canceled” priest, Fr. James Parker of the Diocese of Rockford. The Coalition described Parker as “the most recent example of Rockford Bishop David J. Malloy’s unrelenting crusade to cancel faithful priests who are steadfast in their loyalty to Church teaching.”

While initially creating a “platform” for the persecuted priests to “share their story,” the CFCP is also looking to temporarily alter the manner in which priests and dioceses are funded by “creating an ‘Adopt a Canceled Priest’ mind-set.”

“This mission needs to replace the mind-set of Tithing to a Church that allowed for ‘Catholics for Biden’ to exist. We the (Laity) will ‘temporarily’ be acting as the ‘gate keepers’ until justice is served,” states the CFCP.

The organization’s mission includes prayer and fasting as a bedrock for its endeavors. On top of this, there will be fundraising conferences, opportunities for the “canceled” priests to offer the sacraments, and social media promotion to create awareness of the issue.

The group has the support of former Papal Nuncio to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who wrote a letter of strong support to the group that was read at the launch event.

Archbishop Viganò referred to the current “times of apostasy,” in which the “de facto schism” is almost encouraged by “mercenaries who occupy the highest levels of the Church.”

However, he praised the support of the faithful for priests who had suffered for their defense of the faith, stating that “it is a great consolation to witness this awakening of those who are good, who are ready to assist the material needs of persecuted priests and support them with prayer and tangible gestures of that Charity which always, in the course of history, has given unequivocal proof of the newness of the Gospel.”

Donate to Fr. Altman's fight for the Faith at