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WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minnesota, June 28, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Father James Altman, known for his fearless admonitions to Catholic laity and clergy alike to live in accordance with their faith, has ripped the Second Vatican Council as a source of teaching error, including one proclaimed by Bishop Robert Barron.

During a speaking engagement in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Altman confronted head-on what he sees as problems with Vatican II.

“You can look at the Vatican II documents. People say, ‘Oh there’s nothing wrong with the Vatican II documents,’” Altman began, going on to argue that the documents open up the door for incorrect teaching of the Catholic faith.

“First of all, Nostra Aetate, bad news,” Altman continued. “I think it’s 15 through 18 in Lumen Gentium – there’s some sketchy stuff in there that leaves it so broad, so ambiguous, and so open for interpretation, it’s open so that Bishop Barron can say, ‘Well, Jesus is just the privileged way.’”

“No Bishop Barron, you have it wrong,” Altman continued. “Jesus is the way. The only way. And if you’re not going to say it, get out of the Catholic Church, Bishop Barron.”

Altman chided Barron for this very claim that Jesus is the “privileged” way in a May interview with former Episcopal priest turned Catholic apologist Dr. Taylor Marshall.

“That is heresy,” Altman said at the time. “You should get excommunicated for that, until you repent of it, recant of it, and repair the damage you have done.”