AMARILLO, Texas, October 5, 2011 ( – Following are some updates regarding Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life and his recall to his home diocese of Amarillo.

10/5/2011: Life Dynamics founder Mark Crutcher has released a video decrying what he calls the “outrageous” treatment of Fr. Pavone ever since he was summoned to the Diocese of Amarillo.

10/4/2011: Bishop says Fr. Pavone to remain in Amarillo for “indefinite” period; Pavone responds.

9/29/2011: Fr. Pavone responds to graphic image protests outside Amarillo Catholic churches.

9/29/2011: Ave Maria Radio host Al Kresta’s two-part interview with Fr. Pavone after being recalled to the diocese

9/29/2011: Al Kresta responds to criticism for airing interview with Fr. Pavone

9/26/2011: Canon lawyer Ed Peters criticizes Fr. Pavone’s response to the recall.

9/21/2011: Phil Lawler of Catholic World News writes: “This is not a case in which a bishop has set out to squelch pro-life activism. It is a case in which a bishop has realized that a priest and a Catholic apostolate are both in urgent need of supervision.”

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