France Considering Allowing Midwives to Perform Chemical Abortions

Tue May 26, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

By Alex Bush

PARIS, France, May 26, 2009 ( - The government of France is considering passing into law an amendment that would make it legal for midwives to administer RU-486, also known as the "abortion pill."  According to reports the pro-abortion lobby is pushing for this law to be passed in the wake of a decrease in interest from physicians in becoming abortionists.

"The pro-abortion lobby would like to extend to midwives authorization to practice chemical abortion, as practitioners working in the city have not rushed to apply for approval to practice [abortions]," stated a letter to French Senators by a pro-life group known as Right to be Born (Driot de Naître).

"With 830 000 births per year, France already lacks midwives. It is not their role to administer a chemical that burns the baby in the womb of its mother," Right to be Born said.

The letter continued by stating that the pro-abortion lobby led the French people to believe that "chemical abortion is not traumatic for women."  However, says the group, it is possible for RU-486 to cause severe bleeding such that hospitalization is required.

Right to be Born called upon the French Senate to "take a position consistent with the natural role of a midwife, with freedom of conscience for midwives, and with the sanctity of human life."

Original French of Right to be Born’s statement:

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