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French president Emmanuel Macron

FRANCE, June 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The pro-abortion party of France's new President Emmanuel Macron is expected to win a “landslide majority” and “historic gains” in the country's Parliamentary election on June 18. 

Macron is often described by American media as “centrist,” but he and his new party En Marche! promise to defend the “right” to abortion. Former President Barack Obama endorsed pro-European Union Macron.

“Macron draws comparisons from aides to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign because of his youthful promise of change,” Newsweek noted. 

The Economist used numbers from pollster Ipsos to predict En Marche! candidates will win 390-430 seats out of 577 in the French National Assembly, a “landslide victory.” CNN puts the number “between 415 and 445 seats,” a “historic” feat.

As LifeSiteNews has previously reported, Macron is committed to promoting the LGBT agenda. He asked a classroom of school children whether any of them had same-sex parents and his platform defends same-sex relationships and the acceptance of them. 

On International Woman's Day, Macron tweeted that he won't stop defending abortion.

En Marche! lists defending abortion as part of its commitment to promoting “equality” between the sexes. It promises to defend abortion against “all the attacks it undergoes.”

Its stance on “families and society” says there is no one model for a “true” or real family. It says parenthood isn't only based on procreation but also artificial reproductive technology like sperm donation. Artificial reproduction “must be recognized with equal rights and dignity,” the same rights as adoption and natural procreation, the platform of En Marche! states. The platform promises to make artificial reproduction available to single mothers and lesbian couples. It is, however, against surrogacy, because it “raises a debate about the ability to dispose of one's body and to commodify it.”