France To Call For UN Action To Decriminalize Homosexuality

Thu Sep 4, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

PARIS, France, September 4, 2008 ( - French Junior Human Rights Minister Rama Yade told the 61st annual conference of non-governmental organisations at UNESCO headquarters in Paris yesterday that she will submit a draft declaration to the UN General Assembly in December aimed at a universal decriminalization of homosexuality.

Using the current French rotation at the presidency of the European Union to press the UN to take a stand in favour of decriminalizing homosexuality, Yade claimed to speak for all EU member states, even those that reject the EU’s promotion of homosexuality.

The French government’s proposed submission to the UN follows closely last year’s European Parliament resolution on "homophobia" in Europe, which especially targeted Poland’s stand against the forced indoctrination of students into accepting homosexuality as normal.

The resolution mentions that the European Parliament "has monitored a proliferation of hate speech targeting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in a number of European countries," and "Parliament has already expressed its serious concern at the situation in Europe and notably in Poland, condemning the declarations of incitement to hatred and violence by the leaders of the Party of the League of Polish Families and, notably, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education." (See: Text of European Parliament Resolution Condemning "Homophobia",

The French government hopes to make the initiative on decriminalization take the form of a solemn declaration from UN states, rather than a vote in the UN on the matter, which would be unlikely to pass.

Referring to the need to force the EU’s and UN’s pro-homosexual agenda on the more than 80 countries worldwide that outlaw homosexuality entirely, with punishments ranging from imprisonment to execution, Yade praised the leading role of Britain, whose Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has already advocated universal decriminalisation.

Last year, newly appointed British PM Brown, writing to the homosexual online news centre, PinkNews, promised that his government would continue to promote the homosexual political agenda both at home and abroad.

"We have announced an international strategy to promote rights overseas, which includes Britain’s commitment to the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality," he told PinkNews. "We are and will continue to work with foreign partners and domestic organisations to protect the human rights of gay and lesbian people throughout the world."

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