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PARIS, France, July 13, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Compulsory COVID “vaccination” for health workers and extended sanitary passport requirements are the most spectacular measures announced this Monday evening by Emmanuel Macron, France’s globalist president. The announcements were made during a televised speech during which the French president made clear that all the new measures have a single objective: to get more and more citizens to choose to receive the experimental vaccine. If that does not work, making the jab compulsory for all may be considered.

But Macron wants more than that. In order to stop “even more dangerous variants” from making an appearance, he said an “immense project” needs to be implemented: “To vaccinate the world.”

Moreover Macron explicitly refused to rule out compulsory vaccination for all French people.

For the millions of you who have not yet been vaccinated, depending on the evolution of the situation we will have to raise the question of compulsory vaccination for all French people. But for now I chose trust, and I solemnly call on all our fellow citizens who haven't yet been vaccinated to do so today. Nine million doses are ready for you.

The French government used the pretext of the growing prevalence of the so-called Delta (or Indian) variant, which is more contagious but less of a killer than the already not-so-lethal original Wuhan coronavirus to introduce compulsory vaccination in limited categories of the population. The move is presented as the “only way” to avoid further lockdowns, for which the non-vaccinated will be held responsible from now on.

Macron stated that the “vaccines” available in France (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen) are extremely efficient against the Delta variant, dividing contagions “by twelve” and avoid “95 percent” of hospitalizations. In the U.K., where vaccination is particularly widespread, the number of “cases” is rising fast, mainly with the Delta variant. And among the people whose death was attributed to the Delta variant – which is not many, because it is not very lethal – about half were fully vaccinated.

The jab is also being touted as the only way to avoid total economic collapse; the French employers’ organization “MEDEF” has been campaigning intensively for compulsory vaccination of all workers in contact with the public.

Macron stated: “We must move towards the vaccination of all the French, because it is the only pathway to the return to normal life. As a first stage, it will be mandatory for people in the health professions, care-givers or not.” At the same time, he asked the French to continue to observe social distancing.

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While the vaccine tyranny is not yet complete, a number of elements are in place that will make it easy to implement – if there is not an energetic reaction on the part of the public.

As things stand, the experimental “vaccine” – which at present has only a “conditional” marketing authorization, will be made obligatory “without waiting” for all employees – both health workers and administrative personnel – of hospitals, clinics, rest-homes for the elderly and institutions for the disabled. All people who are in contact with “fragile” populations, either in institutions or in their homes, will also be required to receive the experimental shots, be they professionals or voluntary workers. First responders and all health service workers in whatever context are included among the “70 professions” who will need to get the jab.

As of September 15, all those who continue to refuse the experimental “vaccination” will “no longer be allowed to work and will receive no pay,” health minister Olivier Véran made clear later on a news show on national television. Macron had already stated that from that date, “controls will be carried out and sanctions applied.” 

The measure will take the form of a law voted by Parliament. A special parliamentary session will open on July 21 in order to adopt the text before the summer recess. 

Unfortunately, none of the major political parties is expected to resist against mandatory vaccination for these first groups of citizens in what many see as only a first step to a universal mandate.

This is in direct contradiction with the promises made by Macron in November and again in December. On November 24, 2020, he declared: “Vaccination must be done in a clear, transparent way, sharing all the information at each step: what we know, as well as what we don't know. I also want to be clear: I will not make vaccination mandatory.”

On December 27, the French president tweeted: “I have said it before and I will say it again: the vaccine will not be mandatory. Let us have confidence in our researchers and doctors. We are the country of the Enlightenment and of Pasteur, reason and science must guide us.”

But as a famous French politician, Charles Pasqua, once said: “Promises are only binding to those who listen to them.”

The sanitary pass system that was made compulsory for events with over 1,000 participants and other venues such as night-clubs since last month will be extended as of July 21 to all “culture and leisure venues” for more than 50 visitors, from 12 years of age up. 

“It will be necessary to have been vaccinated or to have a negative test in order to gain access to a show, an amusement park, a concert or a festival,” said Macron.

“Starting in the beginning of August, the sanitary pass will apply to cafés, restaurants, hospitals, rest homes for the elderly and long-distance transportation: airplanes, trains and long-distance buses,” added Macron. Visitors to shopping centers will also need a sanitary pass. The obligation will also extend to restaurant and café terraces, added government spokesman Gabriel Attal on pro-Macron television station BFMTV. All employees of such establishments will also need to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test. The list may be widened, Macron said. 

France’s health minister Olivier Véran has said that the pass will not be required for entry to grocery stores.

It is not clear at this point whether the obligation will be extended to places of worship.

Negative tests are only valid for 48 hours. In an added twist, PCR tests will no longer be funded by the social security system as of October, except when prescribed for symptomatic patients: people who do not want to be vaccinated and who still want to lead a normal life would need to pay for three COVID tests per week. This measure, said Macron, is intended to push people to accept vaccination.

Macron introduced these new restrictions because, he said, “vaccination levels are not sufficient.” 

“Everywhere in France, we will recognize those with civic spirit and only impose restrictions on the non-vaccinated, rather than on everyone.”

Professor Laurent Alexandre, a prominent specialist on transhumanism and artificial intelligence who has repeatedly been invited by news shows to ridicule and oppose those who resist COVID restrictions and vaccination, was wildly enthusiastic on Twitter.

He wrote: “The anti-vaxxers have lost their battle. The vaccine has become as good as compulsory. It’s impossible to live without being vaccinated. You would need 15 PCRs per month because the validity of the PCR is reduced to 2 days and because the pass is necessary for everyday life.”

Minutes later, he added: “Frankly I did not think Emmanuel Macron would make the vaccine mandatory de facto. Without a pass life is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE; you can’t even catch a train or go to have a coffee. And it’s inhuman to get 15 PCRs a month!”

Macron made other announcements showing that none of the warning signs concerning the serious health risks associated with the “vaccines” are being taken into account. As of September, high school students and college students will face specific vaccination campaigns in their schools and universities, while people who got jabs at the beginning of 2021 will be offered boosters.

Unvaccinated travelers from “high risk” countries will be subject to “compulsory isolation.”

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