By Patrick B. Craine

FRANCE, November 16, 2009 ( – To mark their 23rd anniversary, the French pro-life group SOS Tout-Petits held their annual National Rosary for Life on Saturday, sparking heated protests from the country's pro-abortion activists.

Catholics gathered to pray outside cathedrals and churches in at least 28 cities throughout France, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Philippines.  In many of these cities, the peaceful event attracted large anti-Catholic counter-demonstrations.

For example, at the St. André Cathedral in Bordeaux, police were called to the scene as a large crowd opposed the 150 people gathered to pray.  The crowd carried pro-abortion signs and shouted “Caca Catholic,” “Mary, Jesus, we f*** you,” and “If Mary had had an abortion, we wouldn't have this sh**.”  At the St. Étienne Cathedral in Toulouse, the protesters were held back by police.  At St. Nicolas in Nantes, they threw eggs. 

Videos of some of these protests can be found on YouTube here and Daily Motion here.