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Let me ask you something: why does it matter whether LifeSiteNews hits our $150,000 fall campaign goal in the next 6 days? 

To put it another way: Who really cares whether LifeSite exists or not? 

It turns out that a LOT of people do!

In addition to the thousands of humbling comments and e-mails we receive from readers, there are also the powerful testimonies from pro-life leaders and grassroots activists on the front lines of the culture wars.

These heroes of the Culture of Life tell us time and time again that they literally could not do their life- and culture-saving work without LifeSite! 

Heroes like David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, who took time out of his insanely busy schedule this week to literally plead with readers like you to donate to our fall campaign.

Why? Well, in his own words:

“I depend on the work of LifeSite daily to help in developing our campaigns around the world, because they are the only international news agency dedicated to covering the issues of life, family, and culture!”


And then there’s Abby Johnson. “We need them!” Abby wrote about LifeSite last week.

“I know from personal experience just how critically important the work of LifeSite is, not just to me, but the whole pro-life movement!”
But in the same way that Abby and David and many other similar leaders say they need LifeSite, we literally depend entirely on YOU! 

With only 5 days remaining in our Fall Campaign, we still have a little over $100,000, or 66% of our goal to raise!

That’s a tall order, but you have done it before. 

And that’s just the minimum amount we need to get by until our next campaign. That would leave nothing for the growth and expansion that David Bereit told us we simply must aim for. 

“I hope LifeSite doesn’t mind me saying this,” he wrote, “but as a director of a non-profit organization myself, their $150,000 campaign goal is TOO LOW if they are going to continue growing the way the life and family movement needs them to grow.”

But it’s not just the leaders and full-time activists who say they depend on us.  Equally as importantly are the millions of ordinary readers just like you, men and women who are trying to raise their families, live their faith, and help be a part of cultural change!

Listen to what others have said about our work in just the past few days: 

  • Your website is the first thing I access in the morning, and the last thing I read at night………keep up the good work. Nedda H., GA

  • There is no more valuable source of up to date news on the important moral issues of our day than LifeSiteNews. So appreciate your ministry. Keep up the great work. God bless you! Jan A., KY

  • Thanks for the reporting. There is nothing I want more than for my family and I to live a Godly life. To do that we need to know the truth and that is why we need your reporting. Jeff M., NY

  • Thanks for being our boots on the ground in the battle for truth, justice and life. Robert W., Ontario

  • Thank you so much for raising awareness. It is one way to keep up our resolve to stay strong in the Word and live in His Light. Susan M., Ontario

These are just a few of hundreds and hundreds of comments we have received … in the past week alone! 

If you believe that LifeSite is a valuable resource for the life and family movement in your country, and around the world, please consider making the most generous donation you can today. 


Every little bit helps. With millions of readers each month, it wouldn’t take much to reach, and even surpass our goal!

Just think, we would hit our goal if, of our millions of readers, only 100 people donated $1,000; 200 people donated $500; or 1,000 people donated $100!

But whatever you can give, whether it’s $35 or $1,000, know that every donation makes an impact on our day-to-day work.