FRC Calls Senate Health Care Push “Nightmare Before Christmas”

By Steve Jalsevac

WASHINGTON 22, 2009 ( ) – In its Washington Update for today the Family Research Council (FRC) in Washington, D.C. summarizes the Democrats' push for a Christmas Eve vote on the Senate health care bill as "The Nightmare before Christmas."

FRC states, "It's going to be tough sledding for Senate Democrats over Christmas - and not because of the snow. America's rage over the leadership's bill is exploding on all sides." The leading US family action organization notes that Democrat Senators are already being faced with rallies at their local offices. FRC says, "The biggest bulls-eye seems to be squarely on Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), who sold out his pro-life soul faster than you can say 'Medicare exemption.'"

Nebraskan politicians are said to be mortified by Sen. Nelson's "betrayal of his pro-life principles," with Nebraska Sen. Johanns stating that Nebraskans are "outraged that a backroom deal" for their state might have been what put "this deal across the finish line." FRC reports that "even Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman, said he wants no part" of the special deals negotiated by Nelson for the state and that Heineman "made it quite clear that "the responsibility for this special deal lies solely on the shoulders of Senator Ben Nelson."

FRC reports that in a new video Secretary Kathleen Sebelius praises Nelson's language, because, "it ensures that everyone will pay for abortion - no matter how the funds are divided up." This will cause a political reaction, says FRC, since, "according to a new Quinnipiac poll, Americans - by a huge three to one margin - are overwhelmingly opposed to using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion."

FRC stresses that ObamaCare is not inevitable because of the abortion controversy and that at least seven more obstacles listed on FRC's Cloakroom"could kill the bill for good."

FRC notes that many "ne'er-do-well" agencies such as Planned Parenthood, ACORN, unions and even the liberal George Soros' stand to benefit from billions of dollars of new funds as a result of the deals arranged in the final health care bill.

Lastly, in today's Update FRC reports that home town protest rallies at Senators' offices are sprouting up everywhere, with special targets being Senators Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson and Jim Webb. It is reported that "Americans everywhere are putting their Christmas plans on hold to turn out by the thousands against the Senate version of health care reform" and that "this is just a preview of things to come if the bill survives the Senate and heads to conference."

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