FREDERICTON, New Brunswick, April 16, 2014 ( – The only private abortuary in the Maritime Provinces has made the news again this week, announcing that it is dropping its lawsuit against the Province of New Brunswick.

The suit was started by infamous abortionist Henry Morgentaler, and was aimed at forcing the provincial government to pay for the abortions performed at his private clinic.


The clinic has cited its financial woes as the reason for dropping the twelve-year suit.

The clinic announced last week that it would close its doors in July because of lack of money, but Peter Ryan, executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life suggested it is a “stunt” to attract funding.

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Since its announcement, abortion advocates from across the country have lobbied the government to change its abortion funding policy, which sees the deadly procedure only in hospitals when approved by two doctors.

The clinic is estimated to perform five hundred abortions a year, for which it charges around $850 per procedure.

However, it claims that it does not have the significant financial means that Morgentaler himself had in order to carry out the suit. His involvement in it ended with his death last year.