VANCOUVER, Sept 28 ( – The University of British Columbia (UBC), in the news regularly for the APEC free speech uproar which took place there, is now crushing the free speech rights of pro-lifers. A peaceful pro-life demonstration which was to take place on UBC campus this week called the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) is being fought by UBC administration. Politically correct “Pro-choice” demonstrations are permitted at UBC. The University has sought a court injunction barring the pro-life demonstration from campus and has threatened that any GAP demonstrators or even pro-life UBC students demonstrating will be arrested. 

On the invitation of the campus pro-life group, GAP agreed to come to UBC. It places abortion images alongside traditionally recognized forms of genocide hoping to expand the context in which people think about abortion, however, UBC administration fought the GAP presentation from the start, demanding a $15,000-per-day deposit for security costs. 

Moreover, a pro-abortion demonstration, with police security, was held on campus today, and another demonstration by abortion advocates is planned on campus tomorrow. All the while GAP was not able to set up its presentation although they were scheduled to begin yesterday. 

The UBC reaction has been fueled by BC pro-abortion extremists such as Joyce Arthur of the Pro-Choice Action Network and extreme left-wing radical and former abortuary guard and “researcher” Will Offley. Arthur wrote in the UBC paper Ubyssey that “it’s not abortion that’s offensive: it’s so-called ‘pro-life’ people.” Offley has published a research piece on GAP and offers tips on how to defeat them. 

A pro-life website has been set up to keep track of this ongoing travesty of free speech. 

To express your opinions to the responsible UBC authorities:  UBC President: [email protected]   Alma Mater Society: [email protected]