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(LifeSiteNews) – This is the second part of an interview that LifeSiteNews conducted with Kyle Clement, assistant to well-known exorcist Father Chad Ripperger, both of whom have extensive experience in exorcism and deliverance ministry. In this article, Clement delves into the history of Freemasonry and explains the way in which its sacred rites blasphemously mock the Catholic liturgy.  

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LSN: Is the Catholic Church compatible with Freemasonry? 

Kyle Clement: You’ll hear [the statement], “We’re having meetings now to see if Catholicism is compatible with Freemasonry.” The statement in and of itself is an error. Catholicism is the truth. It is the one true faith. It is the one full faith. It is the understanding of Christ in His fullness, the Gospel in its fullness, and it is the repository of the deposit of faith.  

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There is still the definitive doctrinal and dogmatic statement “There is no salvation outside the Church.” This comes straight out of Tradition and is expounded and articulated by Our Lord in the sixth chapter of John, “No one comes to the Father unless the Father beckons. No one comes to the Father unless he comes through me, Christ speaking.” And in modern times, post Ascension, “coming through me, Christ speaking,” means coming through the Church and the sacraments of the Church. 

So, when we say, “Can the Church be compatible with Freemasonry,” it is not the Church which must comport to Freemasonry, rather Freemasonry which must comport to the Church. And in that case, it must be a total repudiation of the principles upon which Freemasonry was founded.  

The principles upon which Freemasonry was founded  

Freemasonry was founded as an opposition, a societal opposition to the Catholic Church. When I say societal, Freemasonry is the public face, the socially acceptable face of the Illuminati. This is a group of people who are directly opposed to the governance of Our Lord Jesus Christ, both in ecclesial and in municipal or societal matters. Their mantra is “All against altar and crown,” the separation of Church and State. 

[The motto] “In God we trust” has been militated against in various forms and facets, and the separation of Church and State even codified and promulgated in a way that was never meant. The twist, always from the Illuminati, those that were diametrically opposed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and most especially to the Church, is first identified in 1471 by Cardinal Torquemada in the Spanish Inquisition, when he uncovers a group of men made up of a group of that identifies themselves as the Illuminados. They are Spanish, mid-level Spanish noblemen, who were chafing under the Crown, under the weight of the Crown of Spain, which was very, very Catholic. 

They were Jewish merchants, who again, were chafing under the taxation of the Spanish government and the Church, and Saracens, Muhammadans, who were very much against their practices being curtailed and [even] outlawed in public. It was against the law for a Muslim, a Saracen, to practice a faith that was dedicated to a pagan god. 

There was a realization, then, that Mohammedans and Saracens were opposed to Catholicism and the idea that they could co-exist peacefully in the south of Spain after the scenes and situations such as an ongoing strife, the Battle of Lepanto, [and] the Battle of Vienna. There was … open opposition to the idea that they could coexist. 

The Inquisition was to identify these factions. They identify themselves to Torquemada, Cardinal Torquemada, as the Illuminados. This is going to be a reoccurring theme that still is happening today. Everything that is in Freemasonry has a root in the Catholic Church. 

Illuminados, or Illuminati, originally meant those that had just come into the Church who wore their white baptismal garments from Holy Saturday until Low Sunday. And in that week […] the freshly baptized were known as the Illuminati: those recently illuminated, their intellects and minds illuminated by the waters of baptism that took away the cloud on their intellect, that opened them to the mysteries, and beauty, and wonder of the Lord.  

And so, the mocking and parody has been in place since way back. If you follow that forward, Freemasonry invents nothing, and so all of the rites and rituals of Freemasonry mock Catholicism, but pull in traditions of sorcery, witchcraft, and various other things. 

It really begins to accelerate right after the Reformation, because up until the time of the Reformation, there was no formal cooperation between satanic worship and witchcraft. After the Reformation, we begin to see these forces join. (Freemasonry) was not nearly as organized. Once the Reformation happens, then the Masonic liturgies, the Satanic liturgies, the liturgies of alchemy, and all of these things take off, because [they are] now being offered on a regular basis as a parody of the Mass. 

[With] Lutheran worship [and] various other [forms of] Protestant worship that then splintered and fragmented, now there were multiple masses that were not the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as offered in the Church. They’re parodies in various forms. 

And suddenly it was OK to parody or to ape the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and then the other liturgies. We see these brought forth into the initiation rites and rituals of Freemasonry, of the Illuminati. And the way they set it up was that the Illuminati, the families of the Illuminati, represented the blood covenant of the Jews, and the Freemasons and those others brought in from outside those families represented the Gentiles, adopted through rite and ritual. 

And so you had this aping or disparity going on as well. Freemasonry, through its social programs and various other things, became the socially acceptable face of Satanism, Luciferianism, and those [plots] against the Catholic Church. And in many places, this went hand in glove with militant Protestantism, such as Calvinism, where Catholics were openly persecuted and killed. 

We forget that part of our history. But this is the Battle of Vienna. There were Illuminati forces there. Calvin and the Calvinists had joined in league with the Saracens to topple the Catholic Church in Vienna and in Europe. This was the enemy from within and from without.  

So, 1717 is a game changer when all the Freemasonic lodges around the world sent representatives, and met and codified, or brought into being, a universal structure. 

They all joined in 1717 at the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, and through it recognized different lodges. It was a parody of recognizing different rites, as was done at the Council of Trent, which [recognized] the Maronite rite, the Coptic rite, et cetera. And so, this was a parody of that. Blue Lodge, York Lodge, Prince Hall Lodge: all of these various lodges are essentially rites of the same parody of religion. 

Now, again, Freemasonry invents nothing new. It borrows from everything, so that whether a man is a Saracen, or a Hindu, or a Calvinist, or a Buddhist, if he goes into the Freemasonic lodge, he’s going to recognize some sign or symbol which is consistent with his faith. And so, you have this non-denominational evil, or non-denominational false deity worship. 

The Grand Architect of the Universe is identified in the higher degrees as Lucifer. This is usually after a man is so far in that to leave the lodge, he’s going to incur not only economic penalty, but he’s going to incur the penalties of the various vows that he has taken at the various degrees. 

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There are three degrees of elevation, meaning three degrees of initiation, just like in the Catholic Church. Once fully initiated, one becomes a Master Mason in the third degree, [and] then there are 33 degrees of direction. 

And so, we go through the 33 degrees of the compass point, each one being kicked off through a various rite, or ritual, or activity. Then once a man reaches the 33rd degree, plus his three degrees of initiation, this is now 360 — 36 points times 10 is 360 degrees — he is a well-rounded man, meaning he is now a Master. 

Every facet of the Masonic Lodge is a former of, and recruiter and initiator of, other Masons. There are many things that are happening in the lower levels. And even the parodies and initiations in the first three levels are parodies or aping of the sacraments. And even though they’re taken in jest, what is happening is, demons lead us into objective error, objective sin, vows which are objectively against your baptism, your first communion, and your confirmation. 

It is inconsistent and irreconcilable for a man or a woman to be a member of the Masonic Lodge, or any of its affiliates, and to be a Catholic, very simply.  

In 1717, after the lodges were united — and (this) largely on the momentum of various revolutions, and coups, and disruptions of rightly coronated leaders — then in 1738, we get the first papal document that attaches the penalty of excommunication to membership in a secret society, the Freemasonic Lodge, the Illuminati, or any of these societies. 

Since 1738, there have been 34 motu proprios, papal encyclicals, documents, and edicts which have all declared, in an unbroken stream, an unbroken stance, that the penalty for membership is excommunication, that Freemasonry is directly opposed to the Catholic Church, and that it is not reconcilable for anyone to be a member in these societies and be in the Catholic Church.  

There are few topics, especially secular topics, which the Church has had (such a) totally unbroken and vocal stance on over [such a] long a period of time. And once the Church spoke on this, it [was] unwavering. 

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Now we have the idea that, somehow or other, we can extend the false ecumenism that comes out of Vatican II … to Freemasonry. This is a very dangerous attack on the integrity of the deposit of faith, of the sensum fidei. This is a prime example of evil [taken] to absurdity. 

Even more mocking is [that] the cardinal who is the public face of this false ecumenism, who not only knows all of these high-ranking Masons … now out in the open, was a presider of an orgy in Rome. That these individuals continue to serve in public and quasi-public positions! We have heads of dicasteries who are pictured in risqué paintings, we have authors of pornographic literature who are serving in public roles in the Church! And so, the demon apes and mocks us continually without opposition.  

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And I think this is a key part, these voices of reason that are saying, “This is wrong.” We need to continue to point out that the emperor has no clothes, that these are wrong by any standards, and that these men have lost credibility from the top down, that there is a loss of credibility. 

So, Freemasonry is not reconcilable with the Church. It’s not that the Church needs to find some way to conform to Freemasonry and bring these people into the Church. That simply cannot be.  

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