September 29, 2011 ( – French doctors are increasingly refusing to do abortions, and look down upon the practice of killing the unborn, according to an unusual confession by a French abortionist published on the prominent blog of medical journalist Martin Winkler.

The author, a female abortionist who writes anonymously, says she fears that if current trends are not corrected, the killing of the unborn will be “endangered.”

“I think that [abortion] is a medical practice that is ‘tolerated’ more than it is really accepted, even several decades after its legalization, and including in the heart of the medical community,” she writes.

“It isn’t rare to hear strongly disagreeable reflections [regarding abortion] on the part of fellow physicians, a sign of little openness of spirit and of tolerance regarding VIP [Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy].”

“Just in my ‘small’ experience at the heart of our establishment, few gynecologists commit themselves at a reasonable level to the practice of VIP … fewer and fewer, and fewer and fewer among the younger generations … We count them on our fingers, with one hand, where I work … They use their ‘conscience clause’ to justify their lack of involvement.”

“But how can they fail to concern themselves with VIP, which applies statistically to one woman in two during their lives, when one is to be an obstetrician-gynecologist?” the author asks, observing that there are two abortions for every eight births in France “if my memory is correct.”

“On the other hand, practicing VIP, is to be ‘apart,’ ever and always, even in 2011 … it is an activity that is little valued, little recognized, little understood, poorly paid.”

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The abortionist says that the problem “is not unique to our center, and tends to be found a bit throughout all of France.”

The anonymous abortionist’s observations resemble those of abortion advocates in the United States, where programs have been created at medical schools to encourage doctors to embrace the practice of abortion.

A recent study indicated that fewer physicians than previously believed are willing to perform abortions in the U.S. 

The study, the results of which were released in August, found that 97% of doctors say they have encountered people seeking abortions, while only 14% have actually carried them out.