By Hilary White

PARIS, February 10, 2010 ( – A French homosexualist organization will be staging a “kiss-in” at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris this Sunday, St. Valentine’s day. Dozens of homosexuals are expected to turn up and kiss for five minutes at 2 p.m., after services at the cathedral.

Organizer Arthur Vautier told a Paris homosexual magazine, Tetu, that the demonstration is meant to ” challenge the Church to question religion on the issue of love and marriage between gays and between lesbians.”

“We were probably over a hundred at the last kiss-in,” Vautier said.

The “Catholic Culture City” blog called on Christians to “respond firmly and courteously” to the “new provocation by the gay lobby and suspected complicity of the media.”

One French blogger noted that the choice of targets is selective. “Strangely, the extremists of the homosexual cause do not assemble to the Grand Mosque of Paris. However, it is in Muslim countries (that apply Sharia [law]) that homosexuals are executed!”

Vautier, however, said his group does not “fear a backlash” from Christians.