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PARIS (LifeSiteNews) — A majority of French MPs have voted in favor of a bill that will open up adoption to non-married couples. 

The vote took place at the National Assembly on Tuesday and was the final vote of a series of votes on this issue.  The proposal put forward by left-wing French MP Monique Limon was passed with 96 votes in favor and 15 against. 

The bill was initially submitted in 2020, but members of the two houses of the French parliament were unable to come to an agreement then. The right-wing majority in the Senate, the upper house of the French parliament, deemed that the text went against the principle of “giving a family to a child and not the opposite.” 

But in France, the National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, has the final word when a bill does not get the support of both houses.  

The main measure put forward in the bill is the opening up of adoption to non-married couples, which, in the words of French MP Coralie Dubost, is meant to put an end to “discrimination of unions or LGBT parenting.” 

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PETITION: Urge U.S. bishops to stop transgender infiltration of Catholic seminaries
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Catholic seminaries in the United States are now scrutinizing applications for the formation of new classes for this coming Autumn.

One of the requirements - which comes to us from the Lord's decision to select only men as His apostles - is that all candidates for the priesthood must be male, biologically, from birth.

But, tragically, some gender-confused women, masquerading as men, have actually been unknowingly admitted to seminaries.

Therefore, urgent steps must be taken by all U.S. bishops to ensure that this never happens in their seminaries.

Please SIGN this petition which calls on all U.S. bishops to take steps to ensure that all candidates for the priesthood are male - biologically, from birth.*

With the steep rise of gender dysphoria (being confused about one's sex) and so-called "transitioning" (where one attempts to change one's sex by the use of opposite-sex hormones and through surgery), Catholic seminaries have seen a corresponding rise in applications from gender-confused individuals.

And, some of those applicants have even been accepted -- only to be expelled when the truth eventually came out.

In a recent memo, Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki, head of the USCCB's Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance, stated that the Conference was “made aware of instances where it had been discovered that a woman living under a transgender identity had been unknowingly admitted to [a] seminary or to a house of formation of an institute of consecrated life.”

Archbishop Listecki's memo suggest that DNA tests and medical exams should be instituted to stop any further incidents.

This petition asks that these steps be made mandatory for all applicants to the priesthood or religious life. Making such requirements mandatory for all would obviate claims of singling out individuals for special treatment.

Additionally, this petition also asks for a fundamental change in Catholic baptism certificates, most of which do not currently indicate sex at birth.

Changing the baptism certificate to reflect sex at birth would help future seminary staff in making crucial decisions about who they admit to their ranks.

Thank you for SIGNING this urgent petition directed to all U.S. Catholic bishops. After you have signed, please consider SHARING with your likeminded friends, family and fellow parishioners.


'USCCB memo reveals women identifying as ‘trans men’ infiltrated seminaries' -

*This petition does not address the issue of individuals who, while born with male DNA, may exhibit female sexual characteristics (e.g., genitalia, features). The Church already acknowledges that such individuals cannot present themselves as candidates for the priesthood because of the aforementioned issues which are impediments for those individuals to fully embrace the masculine character required for the priesthood.

This petition also does not address the issue of biological men who say they are women. Such individuals are also automatically excluded as being candidates for the priesthood for the same reason above (as well as the obvious psychological issues present).

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Right-wing MPs mostly opposed the bill, deeming marriage to be “the most sheltered environment for a child.” 

However, left-wing MPs such as Monique Limon, who came up with the proposal, insisted that marriage is “no guarantee of stability” for a child.  

Until now, only married couples and single individuals were able to adopt children in France. But the new bill will open up adoption to non-married couples living together, as well as couples who have registered a PACS or “civil solidarity pact.” 

The PACS, unique to France, is a contractual form of civil union between two adults. It was passed by the French Parliament in October of 1999, mainly as a way to give some form of legal recognition to same-sex couples.  

Since then, however, another bill passed by the National Assembly in May of 2017 legalized same-sex “marriage” and the adoption of children by same-sex couples. 

The new bill passed on Tuesday is meant to facilitate even more the adoption of children by same-sex couples.  

Another measure contained in the bill was a change to the legal minimum age required to adopt which was lowered from 28 to 26. The minimal duration of a couple’s shared life was also reduced from two years to one year.