PARIS, October 5, 2012, ( – A French mayor has violated the country’s political and social etiquette by observing that the rationale behind homosexual “marriage” is likely to be applied to undermine other sexual taboos, including polygamy, incest, and pedophilia.

“If the immemorial taboo of heterosexual marriage is overcome, who and what will then stop other taboos, much less ancient, much less universal, from being abolished in turn?” asked Francois Lebel, Mayor of Paris’s 8th Arrondisement, in recent article written for his municipality’s official newsletter.

“For example: tomorrow, how will one oppose polygamy in France, a principle that is only taboo in Western civilization? Why will the legal age of the spouses be maintained? And why prohibit marriages within families, pedophilia, incest, which are still common practice in the world?” he asked.


“The door is now open to a spectacle, deadly for civilization, of legal marriage for the whole world, no matter with whom or what!” added Label.

Label’s remarks have particular weight in a country that has a growing Muslim population. Polygamy is a morally acceptable practice in Islam, and “marriages” with girls under the age of ten, in imitation of the religion’s founder Mohammed, are not uncommon in some countries—occasionally even among Muslim immigrants in the West.

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The mayor declares in the same article that he won’t carry out homosexual “marriages,” in his own jurisdiction if President Francois Hollande fulfills his campaign promise and enacts a law to establish it. Other mayors have said the same thing in recent weeks.

Lebel has been roundly denounced by the socialist opposition as well as by the leader of his own political coalition, the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), for statements that fly in the face of fashionable sympathy for the gay subculture.  However, the rebellious mayor seems to be striking a chord among a substantial number of the French electorate, which, while generally supporting “marriage” between homosexuals, is less enthusiastic about the most controversial consequence of such a measure: adoption of children by gays.

Although former Prime Minister Francois Fillon dutifully denounced Lebel’s arguments, he remarked in an interview that “the president of the Republic and the prime minister would do well to think twice before opening this debate now…We are going to see French people very deeply divided, and insulting each other. We are going to see a resurgence of homophobia.”

Fillon’s statements were echoed by Christine Boutin, president of France’s Christian Democratic Party, who noted that Lebel’s statements reflect a “malaise” among French mayors regarding the homosexualization of marriage.

The mayor’s remarks come on the heels of similar sentiments expressed by French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who ruffled feathers in early September by predicting, after legalizing same-sex weddings, “they will want to create couples with three or four members. And after that, perhaps one day the taboo of incest will fall.” 

President Hollande has promised to sign a homosexual “marriage” bill into law by mid-2013.