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French National Assembly votes to redefine marriage

Ben Johnson

PARIS, February 4, 2013, ( – The French National Assembly voted to redefine marriage on Saturday by a large majority vote of 249-97. Observers believe the vote means the traditionally, but now nominally Catholic country will legalize same-sex nuptials.

The vote ignores an estimated one million people who marched in the streets last month to support natural marriage.

Socialist President Francois Hollande is an outspoken supporter of same-sex “marriage” and has pledged to sign the bill if it passes the Senate which is expected to easily happen because of Hollande's strong support for the measure. The bill also includes a measure permitting homosexuals to adopt children.

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Debate on the measure is expected to continue for several more days before the Senate vote takes place. When passed, the legislation will make France the ninth EU nation to redefine marriage to include same-sex spouses.

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