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STRASBOURG, France  (LifeSiteNews) —French president Emmanuel Macron wants the so-called ‘right to abortion’ enshrined in the EU charter of rights. 

Macron voiced this opinion on Wednesday during a speech at the EU parliament in Strasbourg, as France steps into the EU’s rotating presidency.  

“Twenty years after the proclamation of our Charter of Fundamental Rights, which consecrated the abolition of the death penalty throughout the Union, I wish to update this Charter, to make it more explicit on [issues like] environmental protection and the recognition of the right [sic] to abortion,” Macron stated. 

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFR) was ratified by all EU member states in 2000. It enshrines certain political, social, and economics rights granted to all EU citizens.  

Macron’s statement made it clear that he considers abortion and environmental protection to be “European values;” he explained that enshrining them in the Charter would “consolidate our European values which are the basis for our unity, our pride, and our strength.” 

Ironically, the abolition of the death penalty, used by Macron as an example during his speech, appears under the first heading in the document, “Dignity.” This section is about guaranteeing the right to life, as stated in article 2: “Everyone has the right to life.” 

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Tell the Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia (BC) and Yukon to stop discriminating against families who do not wish to get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine!

It seems incredible -- like one of those click-bait headlines you see every day on shady websites. 

But this is 100% real, and represents a terrifying new reality that families with sick children are facing without any rational or logical justification.

That's why we're asking you to SIGN and SHARE this crucial petition asking the Ronald McDonald House Charities leadership to STOP discriminating against the unvaccinated family members of sick children who need their support.

The Canadian Ronald McDonald House BC and Yukon, which provides housing for the families of sick children who are being treated in nearby hospitals, has sent letters to families ordering them to submit to the experimental COVID shots or to vacate the premises -- regardless of their children's needs.

On the organization's website, the Ronald McDonald House plainly states the following:  "All guests and visitors to the House must show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. These measures in addition to an abundance of sanitizer and kindness will help us ensure the safety of everyone at the House."

But, of course, none of the measures suggested by the Ronald McDonald House, much less the COVID-19 vaccine, have been successful in stopping or even slowing the virus' transmission or reducing infection rates.

And with Pfizer's own CEO admitting just this week that the two COVID shots are not effective at preventing infection, it remains unclear what, exactly, the Ronald McDonald House means by "full vaccination."

Regardless, denying families housing during their child's hospital stay -- which is the primary mission of the Ronald McDonald House -- is not only a misguided discriminatory practice, it's stunningly cruel, and it must not continue going forward.

So please take a minute to SIGN and SHARE this important petition calling on Ronald McDonald House British Columbia and Yukon to stop discriminating against families based on their vaccination status.

These families need to focus on supporting their loved ones through very difficult medical situations and procedures, not get caught up the maddening politics of the COVID vaccine.

Whereas the Ronald McDonald Houses have historically been a refuge for needy families, they have now tragically succumbed to the mass formation psychosis over COVID taking Canada and the world by storm, and have decided to join in the unconscionable mass targeting of the unvaccinated to virtue-signal their way through these unprecedented times.

This is unacceptable -- particularly from an organization like the Ronald McDonald House -- and it must stop.

Thank you!



'Canadian-based Ronald McDonald House evicts unvaccinated family of 4-yr-old with cancer':

'Pfizer CEO backtracks on jab effectiveness, admits two shots offer ‘very limited protection’':

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Macron’s pro-abortion views are well-known.  

On International Woman’s Day, 2017, when he was still only a presidential candidate, Macron tweeted that he would “never stop defending abortion.” 

And during the October 2020 UN General Assembly event commemorating the 25th anniversary of the 1995 Beijing Conference on Women, when abortion was cemented into UN policy, Macron complained that abortion was still opposed.  

“Everywhere, women’s rights are under attack, starting with the freedom for women to control their own bodies, and in particular the right [sic] to abortion,” he mourned. 

In his latest speech in front of the EU parliament, Macron established a connection between his views on abortion and the rule of law, which he described as “[Europe’s] treasure.” 

The French president argued that some people have “distanced themselves” from this rule of law and need to be “persuaded again” of its true nature through dialogue. 

“Let us open up this debate freely with our fellow citizens … to breathe new life into the pillar of law that forges this Europe of strong values,” he said. 

Macron did not specify which people or nations have distanced themselves from the rule of law which he believes includes a right to kill the unborn, but the list of EU states which, to date, still ban or severely restrict abortion is short and includes Poland and Malta. 

Incidentally, Macron’s call to enshrine abortion in the EU Charter comes just a day after the EU parliament elected Malta’s Roberta Metsola, who has hitherto had a reputation as  a staunch pro-lifer, as its president.   

Worldwide, opponents of abortion deny that there is a “right” to abortion, as abortion always kills an innocent human being. Pro-lifers argue the right to life is the first of all rights, and that when a continued pregnancy threatens the life of the baby’s mother, every possible care must be taken to save them both