TORONTO, Ontario, May 23, 2014 ( – A 66-year-old grandmother who has served about a decade of jail time for repeatedly ignoring abortion clinic “bubble zone” ordinances in her commitment to reach out to abortion-bound women has decided to try her hand again at politics in the upcoming federal by-election in Ontario.

Linda Gibbons will in run in the June 30 by-election as a first-time candidate in the Christian Heritage Party in the Trinity-Spadina electoral district. The seat became vacant in March after NDP MP Olivia Chow resigned from her seat to run for the city’s mayoral election.

“I really think Christians should have a voice in politics,” she told LifeSiteNews


Gibbons said that Christians today are being told that their faith is not relevant in the public square and they are even being muzzled for their beliefs. The Christian Heritage Party exists to provide “true Christian leadership to this nation.”

“I think Christian values have a lot to offer,” she said.

Gibbons said her election campaign will be earmarked by “protecting and defending life.”

“This is a critical issue for Canada that has many spinoffs,” she said, bringing up the example of the economy. “People are having to work longer because our population is declining, not only because of a low birthrate but also because it is being wiped out — 1 in 4 babies — by abortion.”

“I think our children are a great treasure, and I think being pregnant is a privilege. Life and liberty go together,” she said.

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This is not Gibbons' first foray into politics. While being in prison in 1993 for her pro-life work, Gibbons ran in the federal election as a candidate of Ken Campbell’s Christian Freedom Party. Two years later, she ran again, but as an independent.

If elected, Gibbons said her first priority will be to defund abortion followed by doing all in her power to strengthen families through policies such as income splitting.