Friends, we need culture warriors!

This is your opportunity to play a concrete role in spreading the truth about the most important issues of our time: abortion, marriage, faith, family and freedom!
Tue Jun 14, 2016 - 5:09 pm EST
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Today, LifeSite is launching its 2016 Summer fundraising campaign! This is your opportunity to play a concrete role in spreading the truth about the most important issues of our time: abortion, marriage, faith, family and freedom!

To keep this truth-mission afloat for the next quarter, your help is needed to reach the bare minimum goal of $225,000 by June 30th.

Let’s face it, we are living in a time of great upheaval in our culture. The forces of the Culture of Death seem to be crushing the Culture of Life, like Christ was crushed under the cross.

The mainstream media is pushing an extreme anti-life and anti-family agenda with ever greater boldness, including most recently the all-out push for gender ideology.

As a result, many of you feel an even greater and more urgent sense of responsibility to reach more people with the truth, and to engage the culture as this battle intensifies.

Will you help us reach the goal today with a gift of $35 or more?

Keeping up with the increasingly alarming breaking developments happening around the world is a challenge. But your donation today keeps your team of 25+ LifeSite staff members fighting in the battle for life, family, and culture by producing fearless, hard-hitting, culture-changing news stories that won’t be found anywhere else!

And while this campaign goal covers only the bare minimum required to keep your pro-life and pro-family news agency afloat at its current levels of operation - your donation of $100, $250, or $500 or more today could mean that this alternative news will be reach even many more people than it does now!

Pro-life and pro-family leaders around the world are out-numbered, out-funded, and being out-maneouvered by anti-life voices in the culture. These culture warriors are begging for help.

You have the power to change that!

With 3-5 million people reading LifeSiteNews each month, only 1% of readers would have to contribute just $5 to reach the goal!

Just imagine what you could help us accomplish if just 10% of our readers gave only $5?  Click here to donate.


I always like to remind readers, especially those new to LifeSite, that by supporting the online campaigns, every dollar you give goes straight to funding this unique news service. Your donation does not go towards costly direct-mail fundraising.

Nearly all of our staff work from their homes, so your donation is not used to pay for large overhead costs associated with maintaining office space.

Your donation directly supports the mission of LifeSiteNews: producing and delivering fearless, hard-hitting, truthful pro-life and pro-family news, analysis and commentary!

Perhaps you want to make an even larger investment in the battle for life and family with a donation of $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 or more?

Such larger gifts are especially needed to cover the more costly, cutting edge development projects necessary to reach even more people with LifeSite’s culture-changing reports.

If you are considering a substantial gift, please contact our Donor Relations Director to see how you can make an even larger impact on the culture with your gift.

Your support is changing hearts and minds. From all over the world testimonies come to us noting the amazing impact you are making for life and family! Thank you for your support.

Keep this news available to you and millions more

Your gift will spread truth, defeat lies, and save lives

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