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Fox News recently ran a full page ad in a number of newspapers, asking, “How Did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN Miss This Story?” Fox was referring, of course, to the massive 9/12 Tea Party protest against President Obama that took place at the US Capitol earlier this month.

It turns out, however, that Fox might have been stretching the truth – a bit.

As one anchor for CNN, Rick Sanchez, put it to Fox: “You lie.”

Technically speaking, Sanchez was right. The record shows that CNN and the other news outlets did “cover” the story, albeit in much the same way that they “cover” any story that threatens to undermine their radically liberal, anti-life, anti-family agendas.

That is, they disregarded, manipulated and twisted the facts in whatever way they could to make them fit their prefabricated formula. In this case, the mainstream media (MSM) “covered” the story by massively underreporting the number of protesters, much as they laughably underreport the number of participants in the annual National Marches for Life in Washington, Ottawa and elsewhere. In that respect (as Fox News observed) they did “miss” the story. We extensively cover the US and Canadian marches like no one else.
A CNN report on the 9/12 protest described the giant Washington crowd simply as in “the tens of thousands,” pointing out that an “official estimate” wasn’t available. Most other stations followed suit, humbly refraining from putting a number on the crowd except for “thousands” or “tens of thousands.”

Curiously, however, these same networks had no such problem with crowd estimation on the occasion of Barack Obama’s inauguration. Then they freely bandied about ridiculous numbers as high as 2 million.  In reality, satellite imagery and modern formulas found the number to be in the area of 850,000. Thanks to the MSM’s biased reporting, very few people are aware of that.

In the case of the 9/12 Tea Party, however, the MSM somehow managed to make the exact opposite mistake. Even the most conservative estimates, based upon photos of the crowd, now put the 9/12 crowd at well over half a million protesters, which is quite a lot more than “tens of thousands”, whatever way you look at it. Other estimates topped a million.

This can only point to one of two conclusions:

  • the MSM is tremendously incompetent, or
  • the MSM compromises honest reporting for the sake of an agenda

I’m not sure which choice they would prefer.

This example highlights one HUGE difference between the MSM and LifeSiteNews: at LSN, not only would we never knowingly distort the truth, but we always follow the motto of simply letting the Truth speak for itself.

Not only would LSN consider it wrong to underreport the number of participants in a pro-abortion rally, but we would conscientiously avoid inflating the numbers of a pro-life demonstration. No news organization should ever be afraid of the facts.

The result of scrupulously following this motto is what Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, recently called “the best pro-life news organization in the business.” 

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When Tiller died, he was regarded as a martyr by the MSM.  Story after story was pumped out creating a hero out of the late-term abortionist, and demonizing the whole pro-life movement. At the time LSN was one of very few news services reporting the facts about how Tiller made his living, by brutally and gruesomely dismembering fully formed unborn children. And LSN was one of the extremely few who reported the fact that every single major pro-life organization in North America unequivocally condemned the murder of Tiller within hours of his death. 
And then, when the tides turned, and an innocent pro-life activist, James Pouillon, fell victim to a premeditated attack, barely a peep could be heard from the MSM. Instead LSN had to do the grunt work that the MSM couldn’t be bothered to do. Within hours we published the truth about who Pouillon was, and what had motivated him to spend every day peacefully fighting for the lives of the unborn.

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