Frontlines 2020: From lost rebel to pro-life warrior | The story of Claire Chretien

A new video tells the story of Chretien’s journey from rebel without a cause to passionate advocate for the unborn. 
Fri May 8, 2020 - 10:20 am EST

May 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Despite being raised in an orthodox Catholic parish, Claire Chretien actually wasn’t always pro-life, and was admittedly “totally clueless” about some basic Christian teachings. Like so many others, she turned to the world to find happiness and to fill her with purpose. That’s not the story, though – that’s the prologue. 

As she began college at The University of Alabama, God used a series of events and encounters to ultimately lead her to become a pro-life activist on campus. Would it surprise you to learn Chretien is now a full-time journalist and editor for LifeSiteNews? Would you like to know the full story? Her story may or may not surprise you, but it will definitely bring you hope. 

A new video, produced by LifeSiteNews, tells the story of Chretien’s journey from rebel without a cause to passionate advocate for the unborn.  

Chretien reflects on the battle raging against life and family, saying:   

I ended up spending most of college years protesting abortion.  

I started reading LifeSite for pro-life news and information. As I was learning firsthand the painful truth that my wonderful childhood parish is not the norm around the world, and that many Catholic priests preach, live, and encourage literally the opposite of Church teaching, I read LifeSiteNews articles that discussed this very reality. Sometimes, I couldn’t even believe what I was reading. But it was always backed up with solid reporting and facts...

And so I ended up here at LifeSiteNews, where I’ve combined my two passions, writing and pro-life activism. Working for LifeSiteNews is more than a job. It’s a vocation – a “small v” vocation – that allows me to share the hope and healing that can be found in the beautiful teachings of the Church. There is so much brokenness in our world, but no one is beyond hope.

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