OTTAWA, November 28, 2001 ( – The Ottawa pro-life billboard that was damaged by masked individuals who were part of the G-20 protests in Ottawa last week, has been repaired. Action Life, the pro-life group which pays for the sign told LifeSite that a G-20 protester who witnessed the sign’s destruction called the pro-life group to apologize for the actions of the other demonstrators and even offered to try to raise funds to pay for the damage.

Carroll Rees of Action Life, told LifeSite she was at the site Monday to note the damages for the commercial company it pays to advertise their poster. She noted that the glass and the inner casing of the advertising kiosk was smashed and the pro-life poster missing. On the other side of the multi-sided advertising kiosk, another pro-life sign was left unscathed except for anarchist graffiti that was there prior to the G-20 protest. The owner of the company, which operates the advertising kiosk, told LifeSite that the damages totaled between $500 and $1000. He has thus far been unable to contact the G-20 protester who offered the reimbursement.

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