WASHINGTON, June 3, 2003 ( – The annual Gallup survey on abortion, which was conducted from May 5-7, 2003, shows again that most Americans believe abortion to be “morally wrong” and prepared to accept it as legal only under certain circumstances. Asked whether they consider themselves on the issue of abortion, 48% say they are “pro-choice” and 45% say “pro-life.”  One striking result is that only one-third of Americans find abortion morally acceptable and that two-thirds find it morally wrong—reflecting a perceived shift “compared with May 2001 when 45% of the public felt abortion was morally wrong,” Gallup reports.  Most Americans believe there should be limits on abortion, with 42% saying abortion should be legal only in a few circumstances; 15% saying abortion should be legal under most, but not all, circumstances; 23% saying abortion should be legal under all circumstances; and 19% saying it should be illegal in all circumstances.  For more details: