UNITED NATIONS, Apr 23, 1998 (LifeSiteNews.com) – On Wednesday, Bill Gates, the head of the multi-billion dollar Microsoft Corp., gave $1.7 million (US) to the UN’s population control arm, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). No stranger to Malthusian population-control fanaticism, Gates specified that the gift was to support a 3-year plan to reduce the populations of developing nations.

Last year The Village Voice reported that three of the richest men in the US (Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet) strongly support the de-population agenda. Noting Ted Turner’s 1 billion dollar donation to the UN was likely to to go mostly to the UN Population Fund, the paper reported, “no sooner had Turner announced his gift than Nafis Sadik, the fund’s executive director, hailed the donation in a press release.” Bill Gates was listed as having given $2.25 million to the Department of Population Dynamics at Johns Hopkins University, as well as millions to other population groups like PATH, a Seattle-based “family-planning” group. It was also reported that Warren Buffet made “overpopulation” a primary cause for his foundation, and that he paid $2 million to fund research on RU-486, the abortion pill.

Pro-life observers note it appears the UN and its allies have found a way of getting around the reluctance of the US Congress to fund the inefficient, corrupt, and anti-life world government. Formerly, the United Nations had to rely on the financial support of member nations, especially the US, to implement its agenda. Now, however, with the largesse of Gates and company, it is becoming dangerously independent of the support of the nations it claims to represent.