TORONTO, June 26, 2003 ( – The homosexual activist lawyer who forced a Catholic school in Oshawa to allow a homosexual prom date will soon be sworn in as a member of the Ontario Superior Court.  The appointment of Mr. David Corbett, a well-known homosexual activist, has earned the federal Liberal government the dubious distinction of appointing the first “openly gay” judge to a superior court bench.  Judge Corbett has, among other things, been a member of the “Foundation for Equal Families,” a homosexual activist group which pursues court challenges. He has been involved in numerous cases concerning homosexual rights including a recent landmark case involving division of property in a homosexual relationship.  He is also well known for his role as the free legal counsel for Marc Hall, an Oshawa high school student who filed a discrimination claim and launched a $100 000 lawsuit against the Durham Catholic District School Board.  The board refused to allow Hall to bring a homosexual date to prom but was ordered by a court to permit the homosexual date.  Judge Corbett applauded his own appointment exclaiming that it is symbolically important for Canada to recognize that gay judges do exist.  He further pointed to the importance of the appointment saying, “It’s June, which is Gay Pride Month. There is some nice symbolism here. It has been a good month for our community.”  When asked whether being gay would affect his ruling Corbett said that a judge’s job is not to impose one’s opinions.  But, he further added, “Does it inform my perspectives on public policy issues?  I think that inevitably it will – just as being a woman affects the perspectives of women judges.”  In an interview with LifeSite, Phil Horgan, a lawyer and Vice President of the Catholic Civil Rights League commented on the appointment saying, “We can only hope that the new judge can respond with the appropriate measure of impartiality on issues that come before him which may fall within the areas of his previous advocacy.  As a judge one is expected to leave one’s former advocacy behind.”  See Globe and Mail coverage:   See related lifesite links:  STUDENT USES CATHOLIC SCHOOL PROM TO ADVANCE GAY AGENDA CATHOLIC SCHOOLS CAN’T BAN HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOUR, LAWYERS ARGUE ONTARIO STUDENT SUES CATHOLIC SCHOOL FOR $100,000 – DEMANDS HOMOSEXUAL PROM DATE MANDATORY LAWYERS SOCIETY SPONSORS HOMOSEXUAL ADVOCACY MEETING