VANCOUVER, August 4, 2004 ( – Svend Robinson will return to work. He’s landed a contract with the British Columbia government as a union arbitrator.

Robinson faces a criminal court hearing Friday for his theft of a $64,000 ring in April.

In a tearful and highly publicized media event following the larceny, he admitted his guilt and blaming the temporary lapse in judgement on “extreme stress.” Last month, he was seen “tanned and relaxed” while on an expedition to Scotland to represent Canada.  Robinson was hired by the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union to settle unresolved grievances by public employees.  BCGEU spokesperson Carol Adams spoke with the Windsor Star. She said she would not comment on Robinson’s position should he be remanded into custody to serve time in prison. “That’s all speculation and I honestly have no comment about that,” she said. Adams also refused to disclose Robinson’s salary. It’s a “private matter,” she said.  Read related coverage:  Gay-Activist Former MP Svend Robinson Trial for Theft Held Over Until August 6 Ex-MP and Admitted Thief Svend Robinson on NDP-Sponsored Trip to Europe Funded by Taxpayers   Send e-mail to BCGEU: