VANCOUVER, B.C., September 29, 2005, ( – This past February Canadian gay activist and former New Democratic Party MP Svend Robinson told CBC News Sunday that a return to politics for him is not out of the question. It seems that possibility is soon to become a reality.

According to a Vancouver Sun report Robinson is testing the waters in preparation for a comeback. The Sun quotes Robinson as saying “I still have a lot of energy and passion and care deeply about many of the issues that are front and centre in political life today … I still have something to contribute, frankly.” If Robinson does make a try in the next federal election it appears he will contest for Vancouver Centre, the riding of Liberal MP Hedy Fry.

Well known for being the first openly gay politician and notorious for instigating several maverick events, such as participating in an illegal assisted suicide, Mr. Robinson is most recently known for his theft last year of a $64,000 ring for his gay lover, a theft for which Robinson received only a conditional sentence, along with 100 hours of community service. He received neither jail time nor a criminal record for the theft.

Since that time Robinson has performed his 100 hours at a wildlife rescue centre in Burnaby. He has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and, according to the Sun, sees a therapist regularly. Though he has kept a relatively low profile the former MP did participate in an NDP Party-sponsored, taxpayer funded, trip to Scotland last year. He has also been working in the advocacy department of the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union.

According to the Sun report, so serious is Mr. Robinson’s intention to return that he managed to obtain a working agreement with Conservative MP James Moore that during the battle for Vancouver Centre the diamond ring episode would not be used by the competing Conservative candidate. In return the NDP would not play dirty with Moore in his Port Moody-Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam riding. Moore was one of only 4 Conservative MPs who voted for same-sex ‘marriage’ Bill C-38.

In a contest between MP Hedy Fry, who goes out of her way to accommodate the homosexual community, and Mr. Robinson who is openly gay, it is difficult to determine who might win. Robinson will certainly get a degree of sympathy votes. Those who criticized him before were labeled as “homophobes”. Critics may now additionally be labeled as being cruel or insensitive due to his bipolar condition.

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