NEW YORK, Mar 16 ( – Police blockaded St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York for a short time on Sunday investigating a fake bomb presumably left by homosexual activists. The electronic device was described as a “bundle of digital devices programmed to flash the word ‘homophobic.’

The Associated Press reported Sunday that the Cathedral and Cardinal John O’Connor have been the target of gay and lesbian protests in recent years over their not being allowed to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with pro-gay banners.

Catholic Dispatch, a Catholic Internet Apostolate, responded to the homosexual criticism, noting that St. Patrick, was a holy priest and Bishop of the Catholic Church and thus the Church celebrates his Feast Day on March 17th. The signs and banners of gays “advertise and represent a life of fornication,” says the group, “something the Church has always condemned, and always will condemn, teaching according to the Bible that fornication is wicked, evil and deserving of eternal fire.”

The group compared the request by homosexuals to that of a “neo-nazi … with a banner in hand,  marching with the Veteran’s Day Parade.”

Source: Washington Post, Catholic Dispatch