LONDON, March 4, 2011 ( – Last week’s ruling of the High Court in London banning pro-family Christian couples from fostering children has even self-described “gay” atheists concerned.  The justices ruled that it was appropriate to ban a Christian couple from fostering children since they refused to present homosexual sex as positive. 

David Starkey, a renowned historian and UK media personality, was discussing the ruling on BBC television yesterday. Starkey said: “I am gay and I am atheist but I have profound doubts about this case. It seems to me that what we are doing is producing a tyrannous new morality that is every bit as oppressive as the old.”

Starkey described what he believes was harassment from police that he experienced while growing up as a homosexual.  He said, however, that, “I am very, very concerned that a new sort of liberal morality is coming in, which as I said, is as intolerant, is as oppressive, is as intrusive into family life.”

Starkey also raised the case of the British couple who owned a small hotel and were fined since they did not wish to accommodate a homosexual couple.  Starkey said he was opposed to the fine, suggesting rather: “The way to do that is not to ban them, not to fine them. It is for them simply to put up what seems to me to be a quite proper notice in a small privately run hotel which says we are Christians and this is what we believe.”

“Otherwise, we are as I said, we are producing a new tyranny,” he added.

Starkey noted that his own mother was a Christian and firmly opposed to homosexuality, which Starkey said made him who he is.

Starkey concluded his remarks emphatically stating, “Having an … imposed morality is a very bad idea.”