TORONTO, July 3, 2013 ( – A lesbian columnist in Toronto is calling out Ontario’s recently-appointed Premier, Kathleen Wynne, for downplaying her homosexual activism in her successful campaign for the leadership of the province’s governing Liberals.


“The premier who told reporters in January she doesn’t want to be defined by her gay agenda made sure we knew she was front and centre at no less than six Toronto Pride events last week— not counting the parade,” wrote the Toronto Sun’s Sue-Ann Levy on July 1st. Levy has been “married” to to her female partner for four years.

Wynne, who left her husband and three children in 1990 for her same-sex partner, became the country’s first self-identified lesbian to a head a province when she won the Liberal leadership in February. On Sunday, she was Ontario’s first sitting premier to march in Toronto’s Gay Pride parade.

Despite her promotion of a pro-homosexual province-wide ‘inclusive education’ strategy and a radical sex-ed curriculum while she was Minister of Education from 2006 to 2010, Wynne downplayed her commitment to the homosexual cause during her leadership run.

In an address before Toronto Pride’s “Remembrance Run” on Saturday morning, Wynne urged the participants to continue their battle for homosexual “rights.”

“The point of Pride is that we need to continue to be vigilant,” she said. “We have come a long way, but the fact is that our rights and our privileges are precious and we have to guard them and we have to not assume that we will always have them because there are so many places in the world that don’t.”

In her column, Levy notes that Wynne’s “wife” Jane Rounthwaite sent out a Liberal Party e-mail June 27 to “rally the troops” ahead of the Toronto Pride parade, but left out a key point.

“Rounthwaite is entitled to tell the world how she feels about Wynne,” writes Levy, “if only she’d come clean in the email about one small detail, namely that she is Wynne’s partner/wife.”

“She did not, leaving one to question what she has to hide and how she could use Liberal resources to champion this agenda given her close ties to the premier.”

“The same goes for Wynne. As an openly gay lesbian, who just celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary a week ago, I am thrilled to see role models like Wynne out there so that young gay women don’t have to struggle in the closet as I did for 20 years,” writes Levy.

“I just wish she’d been far more up front from the outset about her gay activism,” she says, adding that Wynne was “busy waving her arms at various Pride events — pretending she’s not a gay activist.”