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Dave Rubin, host of 'The Rubin Report'Jason Kempin/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Prominent conservative political commentator and talk show host Dave Rubin, who is openly homosexual and “married” to a man, generated controversy this week when he announced on Twitter that he and his “husband” were getting two babies via surrogacy.

Rubin, host of the popular right-leaning talk show “The Rubin Report,” made the announcement in a March 16 tweet, sharing two photos of himself and his partner David Janet holding up ultrasound images along with a sign announcing that “Baby 1” and “Baby 2” were due to be born on August 22 and October 14, respectively.

The news was met with enthusiastic congratulations by many well-known conservative personalities, including journalist Chris Rufo, Florida governor’s office spokeswoman Christina Pushaw, conservative commentator and author Megyn Kelly, and the professional accounts of The Blaze and PragerU.

“Congratulations,” wrote Rufo, who has been a leader in the conservative cultural arena for his work exposing the prevalence of divisive Critical Race Theory curricula in schools.

“RIP to sleeping for the next few years!” Rufo quipped.

The Blaze CEO Tyler Cardon also sent his congratulations, remarking, “Twins are the very best (and the hardest).”

Not all conservatives were happy about the announcement, however, with some pointing out that both homosexuality and surrogacy fly in the face of traditional conservative and religious values.

Many conservatives oppose surrogacy, arguing it devalues the relationship between a mother and her child, undermines the family, and turns children into a commodity. The Catholic Church teaches that surrogacy is “gravely immoral,” violating “the child’s right to be born of a father and mother known to him and bound to each other by marriage.”

In response to Rubin’s announcement, many commenters took the popular right-wing personality to task, arguing that it’s wrong to deliberately deprive a child of a mother and that Rubin is failing to help fight the culture war by bringing children into a homosexual lifestyle.

“Human babies and wombs are NOT commodities to be rented or harvested like crops,” wrote Catholic commentator and author Taylor Marshall. “Disgusting and foul and evil. Dave Rubin is NOT ‘conservative’ – whatever that means anymore.”

“This is horrifying,” wrote media analyst Mark Dice. “Buying women’s eggs & then renting other women’s wombs to grow ‘their’ children (who will be deprived of their mothers) & instead forced to be raised by two gay men as ‘theirs.’”

“Any Christian or conservative congratulating them is just as bad as the Marxists,” Dice argued.

Former Virginia Congressional candidate Jason Roberge also slammed Rubin’s announcement, calling the decision to conceive children through surrogacy and permanently deprive them of their mothers “really disgusting.”

On Wednesday, LifeSite’s Jonathan van Maren also offered a critique of Rubin’s decision, observing that “It did not used to be controversial to say things like: ‘Children need their mothers.’”

“The children raised by Rubin and his partner will, regardless of how kind and loving they are, grow up desperately craving the maternal attention and affection that all children need,” van Maren continued. “Men cannot provide what mothers provide, no matter how hard they try. Women cannot provide what fathers provide, no matter how hard they try. These are the simple facts of life, and no amount of LGBT propaganda can change that.”

Rubin is one of many outspoken homosexuals, including Spencer Klavan, Glenn Greenwald, and Brandon Straka, who affiliate themselves with the political right.

Like Rubin, many so-called “gay conservatives” often strongly affirm conservative perspectives on a wide range of significant issues while edging the conservative movement further into embracing homosexuality.

A liberal for many years and previously a part of the left-wing Young Turks TV show, Rubin gradually shifted away from leftism, first calling himself a “classical liberal” and eventually a “conservative.”

In public speeches, his popular talk show, and the books he has written, the former leftist has since strongly advanced conservative values related to freedom of speech and “identity politics,” slammed the tyranny of COVID mandates, and criticized the cultural craze of transgenderism, all while living an actively gay lifestyle.

The prevalence of homosexuality within conservative circles has left many concerned that traditional views of marriage, which were once so commonplace as to be affirmed by radically progressive former U.S. President Barack Obama as recently as 2008, are rapidly becoming obsolete not only on the left but also on the right.

According to van Maren, “The sheer power of the cultural gravitational pull now exerted by the LGBT movement means that many Christians and conservatives are eager to hurry on and leave the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate behind them. But regardless of the law, it is essential that Christians do not participate in the normalization of what Rubin and his partner are doing. Nobody should celebrate motherless children — especially not Christians.”

“This is not something we should ever support, much less congratulate somebody for,” he said.