VANCOUVER, August 18, 2004 ( – Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), has sponsored a homosexual film festival in Vancouver.  The film that was named best feature at the festival was ‘Let No One Put Asunder’, a political documentary by B.C. filmmaker Alexis Fosse Mackintosh.  The film’s footage was used during the federal election this summer as cannon fodder against the Conservatives.  While the documentary was scheduled for release only in August, in June, during the final days of the federal election, a portion of the film containing an interview with Conservative MP Randy White was leaked to the Liberals and prominently featured on CBC.  In the interview, White commented negatively on the judicial activism of Canada’s courts.  Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin used the footage as a political weapon against the Conservatives, charging the statements amounted to “a fundamental attack on one of the pillars of our democratic system.”

The CBC, a tax-payer funded venture, was hesitant to discuss its sponsorship of the gay film festival.  Ruth-Ellen Soles, Head of Media Relations at CBC television told she would inquire about the sponsorship of the festival and return a call.  No call was returned by press time.  Moreover, the sponsorship by CBC was not direct but undertaken by CBC’s ZeD program. ( )  To keep an eye on the CBC’s latest foibles go to:  jhw